Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life oh life

Sometimes I try my best to blame others by the way I am leading my life to. The thing is, it is leading in a different direction. My life is nothing but normal. Usually I blame my childhood, and at times I blame my parents.
In general, my life is ok. I have a job that is in the direction of being a carrier and my current salary is enough to live the life that I wanted at my age. BUT....
I'm single!! (by choice or sometimes I feel like by my parent's choice)
I have a guy who loves me so much!! He wants to marry me. He is gentlemen enough by not spending my money as he wish like one of my ex. But the thing is, he is an ordinary man. He sells vegetables at the market. Unfortunately, he doesn't own the business he's just a worker. My father knows about our relationship and he hates it. So, now I am ending the relationship.
Currently, I am busy seeking for a new one. But I am kind of scared of my past. The history of meeting a useless man that I fell deeply in love with. I kind of sense that there's this guy who is quite close to me might be as useless as my ex. There are times that I think that it was just I think too much and not him.

But there's this song by Usher that keep me standing strong.
You got it bad