Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What really happen

Owh yes I have recently went crazy on Facebook and post and angry status on an ex-colleague. Well after that she contacted me and explained about the handbag and the car. The thing is, it's not just that. 
It began with the facial wash. I remembered a very long time ago, I showed her what type of facial wash I was using and a couple months after that she proudly showed me that she is using the exact same facial wash. I did not get angry or anything I was just thinking that it's kind of weird.
Then, I realized that there were other small things like when she first join the company, she is the kind of girl who wears flat shoes and during that time I was crazy with wedges and hills. There were this particular wedges that is freakishly high that even my boss commented on it. Then, you know what? A couple of weeks later she shows up with similar design of wedges.  At that moment, I still tend to ignore all those little things that she does.
Tension starts to build when I bought a new phone. It was just a blackberry. I am the kind of person who hates the attention when I have a new stuff, I even take the step of having the same ringtone as my old phone so that people won't notice. Guess what?? A couple of weeks after that, when I arrived in the office in the morning, she was proudly waving her phone to me showing that she has also bought a blackberry. How about that? The odds of having the same brand of cell phone is quite high too, but I still let it pass. 
The tip of the iceberg was, when one day I felt like having an Ikea meatballs for lunch and I dragged her all the way to Ikea. After the meal, we decided to look around inside the Ikea to check out any new products. Then, I saw those pink document tray that finally they re-stock. I told her I always wanted it but it was always out of stock, and now when there are abundant of them, I do not have the budget. YOU KNOW WHAT? Less than a week after the occasion, she showed up in the office with the exact same tray in pink? I was angry like mad! You might think that, "it's just a document tray, what is the big deal?" The issue is, since it's an unimportant thing and greatly available in stationary store, why does she has to buy that particular tray with the same exact colour? If she really needs it, she can get any other color isn't it? If it's something like a house for example, and she bought the same exact house that I have been eyeing for, I am sure I won't get angry because in terms of odd item like a house or a car, it's not easy to get a great bargain and the odd of owning the exact same item is higher. The problem is now is that its a common thing, but why does she has to buy the one that I wanted? I ends up not buying it at all and used the common type provided by the company. 
After that, there were the make-up craze I had when I started wearing full make up and all and then she decided to put on make up too but to the extend of having her make-up bag on her side and always ready for her to touch up. That is just plain annoying. 
Then the car, I was not angry but just a little bit annoyed but as I mentioned before, it is understandable that the odds of driving the same car is quite high. So, I have no complaints about that. I changed to a new phone and then she changed too to the same brand is also not a big problem to me.
The handbag thing was the last thing I can bare. She said that the husband bought for her and etc, came to me explaining and all saying that it's not her money. Well, money is not the problem, the problem is using the exact same handbag. How bout the handbag before that? It look similar with another colleague, did her fiancee bought her that too? All of the stuff before this? Her family bought for her?? Well she is just a very annoying person and I don't feel guilty at all with that status. I didn't mention her name and if she thinks she's innocent why does she has to act guilty?