Monday, October 18, 2010

Dulu lain, sekarang lain!

Ramai yg tau saya ni mulut kepoh!! Memang saya kepoh! semua org saya boleh kawan. Dari time sekolah sampai la kt tempat kerje org panggil aku internet bergerak. Kalau office gossip ke, class gossip ad je dalam pocket aku. Sampai vibrate poket aku bnyak sgt gossip.

This post bukan niat nak bergossip. Kalau gossip aku cakap belakang je tak cakap terang-terang!!!

Ini kesah tentang seorang sahabat. Dulu aku pernah lepak dgn dia time tgk bola.

Pas tu kalau aku ad masalah laptop aku mengadu kt dia. Dia rajin je tolong aku. Kalau aku msg mintak tolong mesti reply.

Kalau aku buzz kt ym nak kasi gossip SKK terkini mesti dia layan dan take note. Kalau aku post ketidak puasan hati kt facebook mesti dia la org yg respond.

Ini bukan kes cinta tak di balas. ok!

Tapi sekarang dia dah ad girlfriend. Kat facebook senyap je. Aku komen pun tak layan. Aritu time konvo pun tak nampak. Skg kt ym kalo nak online appear offline.

Dulu selalu je conference dgn aku or timah dgn kawan2 yg lain.

Ape salah aku dan timah dan yg seangkatan??

Ktorg ni perampas boyfriend org ke nak avoid ktorg ble dah ad girlfriend???

Hurm...ini lah luahan hati setelah kehilangan seorg kawan yg best gile utk lepak~~

Nak kasi terang lagi bersuluh ni ha gambar SKK dia ad dalam ni.....huhuhu

Nasib baik la mamat tu gambar tak leh upload internet lembab!!!
Stress!!! Aku post je lah!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Look ahead, go forward, don't look back and make a U turn

Here I am still lying on my bed at 11 a.m. on a saturday. All of a sudden I remembered a post from my friend on facebook deciding on whether to resign and continue his study or just go on and keep his job and still working?

This is my just my opinion by using the life i'm living as a guidance. I have been working steadily for 3 and a half months now. I have bought a new car and I live in a rented room. By the 20ish of every month I have to tight up my stomach and my budget for shopping. By the 15th of this month for example I only have RM200 in my account. I'm not worried because I have paid all of my debt, like my car installment, house rent, phone bill, and even my study loan for this month. This might sound scary to some of you because I have no savings at all. But it's ok for me because I get to enjoy my life the fullest while i'm still single.

This is how I would imagine myself if i am studying full time as a masters student. I would be living in a hostel where the pakguard will take note when are u going out and coming in. I will have to work myself out night and day. Day time attend classes or be in a lab. Night time completing my assignment and doing my report. Weekend I'll be doing the same thing as I did every weeknight. Where is the life?

For me I had lived life like that for years!! Ever since I was in the secondary school where I attended tuition every weekend. I missed family gathering, family's wedding...That is not how life should be. When I was in Uni I had to miss a lot of family time together too just because I have some examination or anything related.

Now i prefer living my life as an employee. I'll work 8.30 a.m. till I finish my work for that day (somewhere almost night). But I don't have to think about it on a weekend. I can relax and enjoy my 2 days off. I'll get my pay at the end of the month even though sometimes during office hour I feel like hanging myself to death for having too much work. But this is a new thing for me!! I had never live my life like this.

That's why I would like to urge my friends to not quitting your job and just do what you have to do and try to improve yourself. I believe non of you had your appraisal yet isn't it? Just stay on this new life! It's hard but it's interesting don't go back to where you were. It might seem easier but it's not taking you anywhere. When I went for an interview in Schlumberger, there were masters student from oversea uni, but they were not shortlisted. Instead some degree student from local unis were shortlisted and the one that nailed that job is a bioprocess student from UTM with just a bachelor degree. So those masters won't take you to a next level in your career. It's your experience and dedication!! Although I do agree tht studying for masters degree will increase the amount of knowledge but it doesn't make you a wiser person.

FYI, the owner of my company doesn't even have a masters degree but I bet he is more knowledgeable in engineering field compared to those lecturer with their fancy phd!! And one thing for sure he is far more richer than those doctorate lecturers!!

Renung2 kan dan selamat beramal~~~