Sunday, November 14, 2010

What a small world!

This might be one of those gedik post and if you don't like it just don't read it! I am not forcing anyone to do so!

I just one to tell a story on how small this world we are living in.

I was driving to work last Friday and I saw a pearl coloured Toyota Camry. All my life there's only one person I know drives this car. I used to check out his car everytime I drove nearby to his car park. Wanna know why?? Because I know, deep down inside me I have a feeling for him but I can never have him due to a lot of constraints. Ever since I graduated, I have reduced one of the constraints *wink* (sesiapa yg faham tu pura2 tak faham ye).

So, when I saw that white Camry last Friday, I remembered him. I even tried my best remembering his registration number. The I said to myself "Lame dah tak nampak kereta tu". After that I resume my life the usual way without the memory of him.

The weirdest thing happen yesterday. I had a date with my BFF, Timah in Bangi. We were suppose to meet in an Ayam Percik restaurant, but since I'm new in KL, I don't know where the heck the restaurant is. Then, I was lost and ends up in some housing area in Bandar Baru Bangi. While I was looking for a proper place to make a U-turn.


I saw...

Initially I just notice the car, then I saw the registration number. It took me a while to digest the information. After refreshing my memory then I remember. IT'S HIS CAR!!!. Then I cursed a lot because how on earth that I can see that car in Bangi after thinking about it the day before?? And the owner of the car is suppose to be in Johore???@$#%$

Then for confirmation I text him and he himself was shocked on how on earth I know that he is in Bangi. The he said to me what a small world. Well yes! It is a small world!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Di malam yang sunyi ini, aku terasa nak makan tempe dgn sambal kicap! I started with aku teringat rasa tempe goreng resepi ibu aku yg letak ketumbar dan jintan bersama garam, kunyit, dan halia. Lepas tu, sambal kicap pulak! Sambal kicap ibu yg pekat, manis dan pedas! Kombinasi dua makanan ini buat aku terliur sekarang!

Dulu time sekolah rendah, mak cik kantin selalu goreng tempe. Mase tu bumbunye cume garam dan kunyit je. Sekeping 20 sen je kot! aku selalu beli sampai seringgit. Letak dalam plastik air yg lusinar tu. Pas tu banjir dgn sambal kicap. Walaupun sambal kicap makcik tu tak pekat tapi yg penting pedas! Pas tu aku makan sampai kotor baju sekolah aku. Dah la kuah kicap tu hitam baju sekolah pulak putih. Kalau baju sekolah aku ad bekas sambal kicap tu adalah biasa. Seingat aku time kt sekolah ni lah aku belajar makan tempe goreng dgn sambal kicap.

Since baju sekolah aku selalu ad stain sambal kicap, ibu aku pun tau la aku suke makan tempe. Ever since tu, kalau ayah pergi pasar hari ahad mesti beli tempe. Ibu goreng pas tu wat ratah mcm tu je! Sedap gle!

Nenek pun tau aku suke tempe. Kalau balik kampung, atuk mesti pergi kt simpang beli tempe. Nenek pun goreng pas tu aku makan dgn ape lagi sambal kicap nenek! Asyik banget!

One thing about johor, kat celah mane pun pergi mesti ad tempe! Kt kedai nasi berlauk tgh hari di sekitar johor, mesti ad sepinggan besar tempe dgn tahu goreng. Kat kedai goreng pisang pun mesti ad tempe goreng celup tepung. Kedai jual breakfast pun tetap ad tempe. Selama 23 tahun hidup di muka bumi ni. The whole time aku spent kat dalam negeri johor sampai la aku dapat kerje. Sekarang dah almost 4 bulan kt Selangor, dah lame gle aku tak jumpe tempe!

I need my tempe!

Untuk hiasan post ini aku letak some of gambar tampe yg aku google images. Looking at these images dah buat aku terliur sgt2! Tempe is the best!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Someone please convince me that i'm straight!!!


I am pretty much sure I am straight! Why?? These are the reasons:

1. I check out cute guys (like all the time!)
2. I am having a HUGE crush on someone at this very moment
3. I had boyfriends before
4. I wear girl clothes
5. I constantly say "He is HOT" every time I watch Fahrin Ahmad on tv.
6. I flirt around a lot! (Bangla jual safety shoes pun aku boleh flirt!)

But something struck me just now!!! This is what happen:

I was stuck in a traffic jam on my way home from work. I was switching to other station since Red fm is playing WAKA WAKA (I hate this song!!). Then I decided to stop at Hot fm. While listening to it, then it happen!!

They played Nadia's- Salam Untuk Kekasih. (Watch the video below)

Then I started sing along and I almost cried!!! It's not because I remembered about any of my ex but I was thinking bout Erni Zuliana!!! The time we spent together flashes in my memory and the worst part is how we ended our days together with some stupid fight!!! Dammit!!

Then I realized, am I a lesbian??? Dammit!! I cried while listening to a sad love song over a girl friend! It's scary!!

While typing these words I remembered one more thing. I start my day at the office by giggling and texting with Timah. When Pian saw me giggling at every text message, he said that and I quote "Someone is in love this morning" NOOOOOOOO!!!!

Please...I want to be straight! Why do these things happen on the same day???

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dulu lain, sekarang lain!

Ramai yg tau saya ni mulut kepoh!! Memang saya kepoh! semua org saya boleh kawan. Dari time sekolah sampai la kt tempat kerje org panggil aku internet bergerak. Kalau office gossip ke, class gossip ad je dalam pocket aku. Sampai vibrate poket aku bnyak sgt gossip.

This post bukan niat nak bergossip. Kalau gossip aku cakap belakang je tak cakap terang-terang!!!

Ini kesah tentang seorang sahabat. Dulu aku pernah lepak dgn dia time tgk bola.

Pas tu kalau aku ad masalah laptop aku mengadu kt dia. Dia rajin je tolong aku. Kalau aku msg mintak tolong mesti reply.

Kalau aku buzz kt ym nak kasi gossip SKK terkini mesti dia layan dan take note. Kalau aku post ketidak puasan hati kt facebook mesti dia la org yg respond.

Ini bukan kes cinta tak di balas. ok!

Tapi sekarang dia dah ad girlfriend. Kat facebook senyap je. Aku komen pun tak layan. Aritu time konvo pun tak nampak. Skg kt ym kalo nak online appear offline.

Dulu selalu je conference dgn aku or timah dgn kawan2 yg lain.

Ape salah aku dan timah dan yg seangkatan??

Ktorg ni perampas boyfriend org ke nak avoid ktorg ble dah ad girlfriend???

Hurm...ini lah luahan hati setelah kehilangan seorg kawan yg best gile utk lepak~~

Nak kasi terang lagi bersuluh ni ha gambar SKK dia ad dalam ni.....huhuhu

Nasib baik la mamat tu gambar tak leh upload internet lembab!!!
Stress!!! Aku post je lah!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Look ahead, go forward, don't look back and make a U turn

Here I am still lying on my bed at 11 a.m. on a saturday. All of a sudden I remembered a post from my friend on facebook deciding on whether to resign and continue his study or just go on and keep his job and still working?

This is my just my opinion by using the life i'm living as a guidance. I have been working steadily for 3 and a half months now. I have bought a new car and I live in a rented room. By the 20ish of every month I have to tight up my stomach and my budget for shopping. By the 15th of this month for example I only have RM200 in my account. I'm not worried because I have paid all of my debt, like my car installment, house rent, phone bill, and even my study loan for this month. This might sound scary to some of you because I have no savings at all. But it's ok for me because I get to enjoy my life the fullest while i'm still single.

This is how I would imagine myself if i am studying full time as a masters student. I would be living in a hostel where the pakguard will take note when are u going out and coming in. I will have to work myself out night and day. Day time attend classes or be in a lab. Night time completing my assignment and doing my report. Weekend I'll be doing the same thing as I did every weeknight. Where is the life?

For me I had lived life like that for years!! Ever since I was in the secondary school where I attended tuition every weekend. I missed family gathering, family's wedding...That is not how life should be. When I was in Uni I had to miss a lot of family time together too just because I have some examination or anything related.

Now i prefer living my life as an employee. I'll work 8.30 a.m. till I finish my work for that day (somewhere almost night). But I don't have to think about it on a weekend. I can relax and enjoy my 2 days off. I'll get my pay at the end of the month even though sometimes during office hour I feel like hanging myself to death for having too much work. But this is a new thing for me!! I had never live my life like this.

That's why I would like to urge my friends to not quitting your job and just do what you have to do and try to improve yourself. I believe non of you had your appraisal yet isn't it? Just stay on this new life! It's hard but it's interesting don't go back to where you were. It might seem easier but it's not taking you anywhere. When I went for an interview in Schlumberger, there were masters student from oversea uni, but they were not shortlisted. Instead some degree student from local unis were shortlisted and the one that nailed that job is a bioprocess student from UTM with just a bachelor degree. So those masters won't take you to a next level in your career. It's your experience and dedication!! Although I do agree tht studying for masters degree will increase the amount of knowledge but it doesn't make you a wiser person.

FYI, the owner of my company doesn't even have a masters degree but I bet he is more knowledgeable in engineering field compared to those lecturer with their fancy phd!! And one thing for sure he is far more richer than those doctorate lecturers!!

Renung2 kan dan selamat beramal~~~

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life oh life

Sometimes I try my best to blame others by the way I am leading my life to. The thing is, it is leading in a different direction. My life is nothing but normal. Usually I blame my childhood, and at times I blame my parents.
In general, my life is ok. I have a job that is in the direction of being a carrier and my current salary is enough to live the life that I wanted at my age. BUT....
I'm single!! (by choice or sometimes I feel like by my parent's choice)
I have a guy who loves me so much!! He wants to marry me. He is gentlemen enough by not spending my money as he wish like one of my ex. But the thing is, he is an ordinary man. He sells vegetables at the market. Unfortunately, he doesn't own the business he's just a worker. My father knows about our relationship and he hates it. So, now I am ending the relationship.
Currently, I am busy seeking for a new one. But I am kind of scared of my past. The history of meeting a useless man that I fell deeply in love with. I kind of sense that there's this guy who is quite close to me might be as useless as my ex. There are times that I think that it was just I think too much and not him.

But there's this song by Usher that keep me standing strong.
You got it bad

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dream....dream dream dream.....

Owh man!!!

I had a very weird dream last night. It made me feeling all warm inside even when I was unconscious. Here's the story~~~

I'm a normal girl whose approaching 30 in less than a decade. All I can think about now is I need to get married. I am as obsess as Fran Fine in the Nanny. So the getting married issue popped up in my dream last night.

The current status is I'm single and I have no idea who to get married to.

In my dream I was dating and madly in love with a very close friend of mine!!! This is scary man!!!
As far as I am concern I am not attracted to him in any way at all!!! (Not because he's ugly and he is not, it's just that I prefer to be his friend than his girlfriend)

In this dream we were at my neighbor's house in Batu Pahat (Mr Tee's house). We spent the night there, but I had to sleep with Mr Tee's daughter (Ah Swang - she really approached in my dream: scary man!!). But all I want to do is to spend time with my boyfriend (who is a friend of mine in reality). Then both of us sneaked out of the room and hang out the whole night without sleeping. Then I asked him why didn't he sleep? Then he said "Sebab saya sangat sayang awak" while rubbing my forehead (this is the part that made me warm inside - having someone who love me with all his heart). But still...

He's just a friend in reality and it's better this way.

P/s - I hope I'm not as old as Fran Fine when I finally get married. :-P

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My cribs yawl!!!

Hello!!! what's up dudes!!!

Hell yeah I moved in to a new place since tuesday. The house is extremely messy and yet it's my home. So, I'm trying to make the best out of it. How did I ends up with this house???

This is how it begins...I googled for a place to stay and I found a place at apartment Sri Aman in Kg. Tunku. Well, the first impression of that palce is that it's sooo cool because it is so near to the LRT station and my workplace is also near to the LRT station. My parents and I was almost going to confirm that house although it's just a flat and not an apartment. So, I decided to drive around the area near to my office and saw this apartment. My dad went and look around for any notice board if there's any room to let. And then...wham!!! I've got a room.

And now I'm living in this house for 4 days and 3 nights already. It's still very2 messy but at least I've cleaned the toilet, then I felt comfortable with it .
P/s you can imagine my house using the images above but you'll need to add a lot of boxes, dirty balcony and my room is the door next to the balcony, the door next to my room belongs to my housemate her name is erna...she's cool by the way cause she asked me out last night but i reject it cause I'm on a diet (hehe :-P)

First time blogging

Hye!!! my name is wani..this is the first time i'm blogging. I am a very Kepoh person. You can see it from the first time you talk to me. I don't know why I don't have my own blog since the beginning. So, I've made up my mind that this blog is devoted on gossips....

So, the gossip will be about my UTM friends, school friends (since I have the same friends since primary school so the scope is actually small) or even my family. If any of you enjoy gossiping as much as I do. Read my blog in the future, I'll have a lot to gossip.

P/s I wont gossip about celebrities or politicians because I don't want my blog to ends up on Melodi or Buletin Utama in the future...Hahaha =D