Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sleepless in Jenjarom

It's 1.40 a.m. on a Sunday night and I am wide awake to write this Blog. I believe that these contributing issues that bugs my brain too much and wake me up from my sleep:

1. It's too hot and I am sweating like hell
2. I texted my boss at noon and he didn't reply (which is kinda effed up!)
3. I dun have my phone right next to me to wake me up for sahur so I keep on thinking what time is it now.
4. Tomorrow is the day where I will start wearing hijab to work!!!!

Let me explain about the item number four:

A couple of months ago I started working for this particular company and since the first day working I stopped wearing Hijab. I have been wearing hijab ever since I have reached puberty, there are times when I am just too stupid and I will not wear it once in a while. Most of the time I will have my hijab on!

The reason I stopped wearing hijab because when I applied for a vacancy at this new company, my friend told me that her friend told her that "this particular company" will only hire good looking people for sales position. So on the day I went for the first interview I didn't wear my hijab and I put a lot of make-up on.

I got hired!

Well I think it's because of my brain because the scope of work that I applied is exactly the same as my last job. So after the second question "So tell me about your current company" which I ends up telling a little bit of the company's background and a lot of my scope of work, the interviewer (my current boss), he ends up did most of the talking because he liked my answer to his question a lot!

So, since I was not wearing hijab on the first interview, I continued not wearing any for the second one and I came to work on the first day not wearing one until today which is almost 4 months of working.

After working in this company for quite a while I have got to know a couple of friends and two of them who have seen me with my hijab on my facebook profile had urge me to put my hijab back on. I have promised the first one that I will put it on since the starting of Ramadhan, but unfortunately as the ramadhan begins I have lost the guts to put it back on. I think I am still new at this "thing" and I can't give up so easy!

Then, came this another friend who urges me to do the same. Well, even before he pops up the idea, I already had that plan to wear one on the last three days of working before I go on a long holiday. With his proposal, so, it was easier for me to get a firm decision to wear it.

Now, it's the night before the "big" day and I kind of having cold feet imagining on what people would say looking at me all baik2 wearing hijab....haish....

I think this the main contributing reason why I am up at this hour.......

Well I am going to force myself to sleep now......

Good night.....zzzzz.......