Monday, May 7, 2012

First experience to be in Kuching, Sarawak

I am a 25 year old Malaysian who has never been to Kuching Sarawak. This is suppose to be a great experience for me.

Well initially it was great, besides the fact that the client screamed at me once we arrived at the airport. It was kind of bad and it makes me grumpy but..... I had a great lunch and it changed my mood altogether. Well as usual, food can make you happy. I had prawns, fish and some vegetables that I can't find it in the peninsular. I also had a great appetizer which is sea cucumber soup. Yummeh!!

Then we went to the hotel and i get to have a great view from my room with huge beds! It is so awsome!

Then, in the afternoon when it was not so hot. I took a walk along the river. It was nice in the beginning because the weather is great and the view are nice.

I even saw a very nice restaurant named James Brooke cafe. I feel like having dinner there when I saw it.

After having such a great time walking all by myself and enjoying the view, then, I notice that there's someone has been walking behind me for quite sometimes. I hold my handbag tightly because I was scared of pick pocket. Then suddenly I heard a voice from behind.

"Where are you going? Why are you walking alone? Are you going to see a friend?"

It was three questions asked at once and he speaks in Malay obviously, but I just translated it for you.

Well, during that moment I choose to ignore him. Then he called me "kak long" and ask me again "Are you going to meet someone?"

I was so scared and I just nodded my head

Then, he asked again. "Where are you going to meet that friend of yours?"

I just point somewhere ahead.

Then, he asked again "Why, you can't talk??"

And then I laughed and I finally said "Yeah, I am going to meet my friend somewhere over there" (well I keep it as general as possible since I am not meeting anyone)

At that moment, I was so scared then I informed my friends on What's App.

Then I heard the guy's voice again. He was guessing "Is that guy in the white shirt is your friend??"

Then I freaked out and call Fatimah. But unfortunately!!!!! Fatimah's phone was having a problem and I cannot talk to her. Then I had to call Poji to pretend that I am confirming an appointment. When I was talking to Pojie, that guy stops following me. After walking for a couple of minutes, I turned my head around and that guy was WAVING at me! HOW SCARY IS THAT??? Then I just leave a message to Pojiah, "if I don't send any message on what's app in an hour, then they will have to call the police!!!"

Well I took a different route to go back to the hotel and I even had time to do some shopping. When I reached the hotel I saw Michael Hedberg! That was the greatest view of all! I felt safe and we had dinner in front of the hotel, near the river. Once I have Michael around I felt all comfortable!

Now at this very moment, I am safe in my hotel room posting this blog!

That was a crazy experience! I really hope that it will not happen again during my next visit with Angeles!!