Monday, December 19, 2011

First time receiving a New Year's card!

I have never received any greetings card besides "kad raya" my entire life! Today, on the 20th of December 2011........I received a new year's greeting card!!!

It's kinda ugly and not interesting at all but since it's the first card I have ever received I kind of appreciate it.

Furthermore, this card has been sent from an extremely good looking man all the way from Switzerland! He's married though! Darn.........

But it's awsome tht he remembers me! I kind of felt guilty for not sending him any Christmas greetings card. Nevertheless, my father advised me to give him something during my visit to Switzerland........but tak tau nak kasi apa kt Mat Salleh tu ea?

Anyhow, something funny bout this card is that there is a greeting within the card in a language I don't even know what. Fortunately there's a translation underneath it. The thing is, when the greeting is in tht language, it is a very long speech....However, when it is translated in english..........tinggal one short line je.........pelik? Hurm.......

I am extremely happy to receive this card and I can't wait to receive any other greetings card from any of my principal from all over the world!