Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Knocking on my door~~~


I haven't been posting a lot of blog lately. Any how i think my mating season has come again~~

Although it sound spooky hihi.. but I just can't get rid of my mating instinct. I think it has something to do with my hormone because lately I have been having my mood swing and a lot of zits on my face! darn~~~

So the story is about this guy I have been having a huge crush on! I don't do anything to get him at all because that is just not my style. I am the kind of person who would pay a visit to Mr Google and type "His" name in the box right in the middle of the page. In a lay man language I am more of a virtual stalker la~

The result scares me a lot! He is just the PERFECT GUY!!!

1. cool hobby -CHECK-
2. cute face -CHECK-
3. engineer -CHECK-
4. artistic -CHECK-
5. chubby -CHECK-
6. financially stable -CHECK-
7. single -CHECK-

the list can goes on and on with him complying every specification.

Based on my research he is the kind that can be specified as "Trying too hard" when he likes a certain girl. It's kinda scares me that it might be what he is lacking off.

To make things more interesting, I had a dream last night. It's not just about him but also about his behavior of being a trying too hard person. Here is what happen in my fantasy land~~

We were just at the beginning of our relationship and after only a couple of days together, he has brought me to meet his huge family. When I was at his parents house I felt accepted by his sisters and mother (not that I know anything about his family - it's just my fantasy after all). Both of us were very satisfied with the meeting and that day ends happily.

The next day, since I was still tired of the excitement of meeting his family the day before, I stayed at my home and do nothing. Then, all of a sudden, I received a text from him saying that he is on the way to Batu Pahat and meet my parents without me! I felt so warm after that because I believe that this guy is trying his best to be part of my life.

But then came this cold feeling where I am suppose to go to work! So i had to check the clock and I realized that I woke-up half an hour later than the usual! it's all because of that dream making me feel all comfortable on my bed!

p/s to those men who has their brain in the gutter! this is not a wet dream okay!

Have a good day~~ Below are the pictures of my niece trying to swim with the fish~~

This is Sarah standing next to the fish pond

This is Sarah trying to swim with the fish. My brother is trying to stop her and not encouraging her~~