Monday, December 19, 2011

First time receiving a New Year's card!

I have never received any greetings card besides "kad raya" my entire life! Today, on the 20th of December 2011........I received a new year's greeting card!!!

It's kinda ugly and not interesting at all but since it's the first card I have ever received I kind of appreciate it.

Furthermore, this card has been sent from an extremely good looking man all the way from Switzerland! He's married though! Darn.........

But it's awsome tht he remembers me! I kind of felt guilty for not sending him any Christmas greetings card. Nevertheless, my father advised me to give him something during my visit to Switzerland........but tak tau nak kasi apa kt Mat Salleh tu ea?

Anyhow, something funny bout this card is that there is a greeting within the card in a language I don't even know what. Fortunately there's a translation underneath it. The thing is, when the greeting is in tht language, it is a very long speech....However, when it is translated in english..........tinggal one short line je.........pelik? Hurm.......

I am extremely happy to receive this card and I can't wait to receive any other greetings card from any of my principal from all over the world!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I wish that the real life is as easy as Facebook

Do you notice how facebook is making relationship between human being much more easier?

If you want to say "hi" to someone and not saying it, just poke them. You also do not have to actually hurt that person by actually poking them. Isn't that awsome??

Back then when you want to declare your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you must sit and talk to them and the boyfriend will actually propose and mentioned the word "will you be my girlfriend?". Then the girl would answer yes and this will happen face to face. Nowadays, with the help of facebook, just request for a change on your status, then if the girl accept it, your friends and her friend will know that both of you are in a's tht easy! If the girl decides to say "no", then she just have to reject it and she won't directly humiliate the guy........

Wanna know why am I talking bout facebook?

Well I have this friend that I really wish I can unfriend easily just by clicking an icon, just like in facebook.

Of course I can literally click unfriend on tht person name on facebook right now, but, the real life relationship will be ruined too. The thing is, it's not like I want to create an issue with that person or anything. I just wish I can unfriend that person and resume my life like that person had never existed. It's kinda mean, but I personally prefer it to be that way. I have tried the real life way by creating a gap, but then it created a speculation like I have some issue with that person when actually I don't.

I just think that I have been living my life for 24 years without that person and I want to continue it to be that way. I don't want anybody to come to me and say that I am mean or something. I am not!

I have never ended a friendship before, this is the first time I made a decision to end one. (Although someone had ended her relationship with me, but I was not the one who initiate the idea, so I still consider that this is the first time). This decision was not made as a punishment to anyone. I just think it's better this way.

I really wish that our life will resume like it used to be when we didn't know each other.

I don't want to hate tht person and tht person should not hate me too since we "don't know each other". I just want to act natural and still put on a smile when we walk pass by each other, but I don't want to spend time like we use to............

Life would be much easier if it's exactly like facebook........

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Late night love song

I was driving back from work and I decided to tune in to Red fm for some late night love song.

As I was approaching my house, they played this song:

As I was listening to it, I was thinking that each and every single words from this song is so true.

We should never keep inside any kind of feeling we have towards a certain someone. I should've told him before he left.

For once, I thought that I might have gotten over him. This song remind me of him and the feeling I am having right now.

I bet this is the reason I have been very emotional's because "I miss everything about him"...

I can't look at him walking down the hall to his cubicle more curi2 tengok while hanging out at a friend's cubicle. Well, I have to move on........I really wish I don't have to find a new job again...... penat la tiap2 tahun pindah......... hurm.......

Monday, November 14, 2011

Cetusan hati dan dedikasi *ouch*

Hello! I am just seeking for advise...

These couple of days, I've been feeling empty. I have lost focus at work and I have been screwing up so bad. There are thing's I have under quoted thousands of ringgit.

To tell you the truth, I have lost my passion at work. Is this a sign?

I have worked in my previous company for 8 months and then I started looking for another job. Now, after six months here, I started to feel empty just like what I felt in the old company.

The last time I get bored, I decided to update my resume and pass it around. Then, I landed on my current job.

Like what I have repeatedly mentioned in the previous posts, even my current boss initially hesitated to hire me since he thinks that I have the potential to jump around so soon.

I've tried to convince him that I won't.

But this last couple of months, I been paying attention on emails sent by Lina from Jobstreet.

I feel bored with my current job and I think I have figured out that this is not what I want to be.

I used to be a proposal engineer in the previous company. Then I moved to this company thinking that I might be better off as a sales person because proposal engineer is so boring. Nevertheless, now I feel bored. I have realized that this is not what I want to be.

I can't figure out what I want in my life, but I am pretty sure I don't have any passion in what I am doing right now. I hate electrical subject since secondary school. But I am selling electrical stuff now. What is wrong with me???

I can't move to a new company again. It will ruin my resume altogether. What should I do now? Should I talk to my boss? I believe he has no intention of loosing me yet, because then, he will have to train the new people. But the thing is, I have no passion in my work anymore. I feel empty inside.

What if I go and have a long holiday? Will that help in a way? I don't know......

Can someone shed me some light and show me the right path?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love-hate relationship

It's hard to have my boss as my best friend! Well hell yeah! I consider my boss as my best friend. He knows me so much to the extend of he knows me better than my parents.

Well,when he puts on his "boss" hat, I feel like nak picit dia sampai keluar tahi hijau! He's one of those annoying boss yg suruh i buat benda merepek mcm secretary and sometimes let me loose like a headless chicken to sort out big issue (to me it's big lah).

But when he puts on his best friend hat, we will have so much fun talking sampai sometimes i wish tak yah balik rumah, just lepak je dgn dia cerita sana sini. He understand me and from what ever he says about himself i think we are so alike.

Today he asked me to get a real boyfriend! He even allows me to do it during office hour...hehe...he puts it as while I am out doing sales I should meet ppl to get a boyfriend. Then i told him why I don't have one. It's because men are intimidated by my "over confident" attitude and my huge ego. Then he asked me to change lah my attitude. But I said I can't.

But when he used himself as an example, I can't help but agree that he has changed. This is based on a colleague's observation la...I pun tak tau dulu dia mcm mana.

Anyhow, he managed to make me think la...tapi mmg susah to change my attitude sbb I believe this is why he hires me at the first place.Tapi betul la wht my boss says, I need to think about my life and kene cari boyfriend and settle down someday. I have a good feeling about this sbb selalu nya apa dia cakap mesti I will automatically I might change my attitude and try to be more girlish and loose the ego.

How to change myself pun I tak tau lagi.So, lama lagi la baru I dapat boyfriend. Hehe....

Friday, September 30, 2011


Muahahah! tak de sebab nak post but nak jugak post sesuatu! Lately I selalu sgt emotional. Now i know the contributing reason.  Bukan sebab I dah tua but single, tapi the songs they play on the radio! To begin with is jar of hearts christina perri. Mmg menambah emo kalau dgr lagu ni time driving, buat rasa nak marah je kt lelaki-lelaki gatal yg buat perempuan ni mcm tissue paper. Dah pakai buang, kalau nak lagi ambil yg baru.

Then datang pulak lagu California King bed, to me the definition lagu ni mcm she's loosing grip on a guy yg dulu she own entirely. Mmg buat diri ini emo jugak kalau dgr while driving. Buat rasa marah je kt lelaki yg cuba nak slowly tinggalkan perempuan dgn perlahan-lahan creating a gap. Then "poof" never heard from him anymore

And then, don't let me get started with Adele's someone like u! My first boyfriend dump me kata sebab nak concentrate on study tapi sekali a couple of months after that ada girlfriend pulak! Memang Adele help me define the feeling I had at that moment!

The last but not least! I want to tell all men out there yg used me as a door mat then dump me just like that, please listen to every single words Beyonce says in Best thing I never had

The sad part is that the radio constantly playing these songs! I have to listen to them and I ends up being emotional and stressed. They relate so much to my life and I hate them for telling the truth. I just think men need to listen to every song I listed above and treat your women better! Love them and don't ever let them feel wht those songs are talking about because it hurts a lot!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dear Bill Rancic............

Bill and Giuliana Rancic

I was trying to have a life and stay away from Facebook. So, I ends up watching some tv. The only interesting show on tv was Giuliana and Rancic. Then, there I was with a bottle of junk food sitting on the couch all by myself watching the show.

Half way through the show I realized that Bill Rancic is just the PERFECT MAN ALIVE!!!!

He is very caring and patient! Unlike certain man I have encountered with!

Most men cannot put up with women that have to concentrate with their job and not on their men! But Bill is just different! He is pissed sometimes, but he still constantly calling Giuliana even though she didn't picks up and he still flew half way round the world just to be with her! That is just AWSOME!!!

There were time in the show where he himself is suppose to be busy traveling but he still find some time to give Giuliana a call! He never gives up even though she didn't picks up the call.

As a 24 years old single woman, I was in cloud 9 watching the show by wishing somehow I will ends up having a rich, hot, and caring husband like that, who would put up with my shit.

In conclusion thanks to E channel for giving me a target in life. "Find a good looking, caring and rich husband". This is achievable because Sazzy Falak has found one. I believe the Malaysian version of Bill Rancic would be Nazril Nash Idrus. Their job are the same and they are good looking men with celebrity wife!

Any how, by 3/4 of the show I realized that most of it is just acting and it's not a true reality tv. Hence, I changed the channel for my sister in law and go to my room and write this post.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Raging hormones

I usually don't post on my blog that often, but thanks to my boss's suggestion, here I am writing another post even though the previous post was post ted 4 days ago.

I pun pelik kenapa I ikut je cakap dia! Dia suruh pakai tudung hitam hari ni pun i pakai lepas tu dia suruh I post bout the stress I am having pun i post! Nak mati Wani ni! Ape nak jadi ni Wani!

Tapi pedulikan semua itu! All I know I am very stressed! Bukan sebab bnyak kerje, moderate je workload, tapi tension! tak tau kenapa! Rasa stress and everyday pergi office rasa mcm mayat hidup, mcm tak ada daily achievement pun! Kenapa la Wani ni teruk sgt. I believe that this is just phase, I have been experiencing this "moody season" since the previous company. Once this season is over I will be back as productive as I usually am.

Being in this season is so hard! Stress 24/7 sampai jadi sleepless, asyik fikir pasal kerja walaupun sebenarnya tak de kerje pun, lepas tu yg paling leceh ialah kuat cemburu!

Benda merepek pun boleh cemburu. Tahap pathetic la perasaan cemburu ini sehnggakan colleagues keluar nak pergi dgr talk pun I boleh ingat diorg pergi makan tak ajak! Bodow kan! benda kecik pun boleh cemburu!

Anyway I know that this is just my raging hormone nak period kot. But the stress is giving me the headache. I really wish it will over soon, tak larat nak melayan perasaan sendiri......

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Semakin tua semakin emo!

Di malam yg hening tatkala cuba utk memejamkan mata tiba2 teringatkan perasaan emo yg membuak didalam diri pagi tadi.

Punca emosi diri ini terganggu adalah kerana penat memandu selama 3 jam tanpa berhenti, seorang diri di pagi mulia hari raya yg ke 6. Setibanya di dalam kawasan Negeri Sembilan, tiba2 aku teringatkan ketidak adilan yg telah dilakukan kan oleh seseorg yg aku panggil "boss" terhadap diri ini beberapa bulan yg lalu. Aku menjadi marah hingga terasa mau "resign"!!

Ceritanya begini........

Semasuknya aku ke pejabat baru, aku telah mendapat seorg kawan yg juga memulakan hari pertamanya seperti aku dan bekerja dibawah boss yg sama seperti aku.

Tetapi dia merupakan anak emas kepada boss kerana paras rupa yg cantik. Dia mendapat segala kelebihan seperti mendapat kerja yg mudah2, dan juga berpeluang menghadiri semua meeting walaupun meeting itu berkenaan dgn sebut harga yg aku hasilkan.

Semasa dia ada, aku ada berasa cemburu, tetapi pada masa itu aku takut dgn perasaan cemburu itu kerana segan jika makna cemburu itu adalah kerana aku menyimpan perasaan kepada boss aku.

Beberapa bulan yg lalu dia meninggalkan kompeni itu. Setelah dia pergi, aku la org yg terpaksa menyambung kerja2 nya. Aku sgt marah hingga tanpa segan silu memaki di white board yg boleh di lihat oleh rakan sekerja kerana aku perlu menghabiskan kerja nya.

Pernah juga aku menghantar email yg menyakitkan hati kepada boss kerana tidak puas hati dgn keadaan aku yg perlu menghabiskan kerja org lain. Tapi aku tak rasa boss aku sedar akan perasaan marah ku itu. Dia hanya fikir aku ini mempunyai perasaan terhadapnya.

Nasib baiklah aku mempunyai seorg kawan yg ku kongsikan segala perasaan aku kepada nya dalam semua situasi. Aku meminta pandangannya tentang punca cemburu ku itu dan dia dapat melihat bahawa cemburu ku itu hanya berpunca dari ketidakadilan boss terhadapku walaupun pangkat aku dan perempuan itu sama tapi workload aku bnyak dan aku juga tidak dilayanan seperti dia!

Sewaktu outstation ke utara aku perlu memandu sendiri, tetapi ke selatan bersama perempuan itu dia bantunya memandu kereta tanpa complaint (meeting ini berkenaan quotation yg aku hasilkan dan perempuan itu tidak tahu apa2)! Dia mau ke sarawak membawa perempuan itu walaupun dia pernah menjanjikan bahawa SESCO adalah client aku....tetapi penghujungnya dia membawa aku atas pilihan kedua kerana perempuan itu sudah pun tender resignation.....

Begitulah tertekannya diriku sewaktu bekerja, tetapi aku pun tidak tahu kenapa aku boleh bertahan...

Dan sewaktu memandu seorang diri tadi, aku tertanya kenapa aku berdiam diri sahaja sewaktu aku diperlakukan seperti itu?

Suatu hari nanti aku kan meluah kan perasaan ini kepada boss aku, jika dia cuba utk membuli aku lagi kerana seorang perempuan yg dia minati, aku tidak akan teragak2 utk resign 24hours notice dan melaporkan ketidak adilan nya sewaktu exit interview. The only reason I am staying is because I love the nature of the work here and I worked in the previous company for a very short period, so I have to stay here for my reputation.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sleepless in Jenjarom

It's 1.40 a.m. on a Sunday night and I am wide awake to write this Blog. I believe that these contributing issues that bugs my brain too much and wake me up from my sleep:

1. It's too hot and I am sweating like hell
2. I texted my boss at noon and he didn't reply (which is kinda effed up!)
3. I dun have my phone right next to me to wake me up for sahur so I keep on thinking what time is it now.
4. Tomorrow is the day where I will start wearing hijab to work!!!!

Let me explain about the item number four:

A couple of months ago I started working for this particular company and since the first day working I stopped wearing Hijab. I have been wearing hijab ever since I have reached puberty, there are times when I am just too stupid and I will not wear it once in a while. Most of the time I will have my hijab on!

The reason I stopped wearing hijab because when I applied for a vacancy at this new company, my friend told me that her friend told her that "this particular company" will only hire good looking people for sales position. So on the day I went for the first interview I didn't wear my hijab and I put a lot of make-up on.

I got hired!

Well I think it's because of my brain because the scope of work that I applied is exactly the same as my last job. So after the second question "So tell me about your current company" which I ends up telling a little bit of the company's background and a lot of my scope of work, the interviewer (my current boss), he ends up did most of the talking because he liked my answer to his question a lot!

So, since I was not wearing hijab on the first interview, I continued not wearing any for the second one and I came to work on the first day not wearing one until today which is almost 4 months of working.

After working in this company for quite a while I have got to know a couple of friends and two of them who have seen me with my hijab on my facebook profile had urge me to put my hijab back on. I have promised the first one that I will put it on since the starting of Ramadhan, but unfortunately as the ramadhan begins I have lost the guts to put it back on. I think I am still new at this "thing" and I can't give up so easy!

Then, came this another friend who urges me to do the same. Well, even before he pops up the idea, I already had that plan to wear one on the last three days of working before I go on a long holiday. With his proposal, so, it was easier for me to get a firm decision to wear it.

Now, it's the night before the "big" day and I kind of having cold feet imagining on what people would say looking at me all baik2 wearing hijab....haish....

I think this the main contributing reason why I am up at this hour.......

Well I am going to force myself to sleep now......

Good night.....zzzzz.......

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dedicated to the person I heart the most!

I am not sure if the title of this post is a proper sentence :-P


I am madly in love with this particular person! I really like spending time with her! I love talking to her. I can spend hours talking to her! We are like two sisters separated at birth. Unfortunately both of us have been busy with work and family matters. It has been almost a month since the last time we meet each other. The last time we spent together was when we spend the whole afternoon watching Nur Kasih and The Pirates of the Carribean back to back.

Last week something happened in her family and I was one of the first that she choose to share the news! I almost cried in front of my boss when I heard that news. I really wanted to be at her side at that moment but I have some constraints that I can't share here in public. Luckily she understands it although I haven't explain it to her.

Days before the incident happen, I had missed her so much that I spent time looking at each and every one of her profile pictures on facebook and commented on almost all of them. Today I find myself looking at some old pictures from her album during the time when we were in uni. I was so pathetic that I ends up reading her comments and laugh at it. Those comments are so funny that it reminds me how much I like her sense of humor!

I bet you would have guessed who is this post dedicated to...
It's for Siti Fatimah binti Jamaludin! I LOVE U! If there is a guy out there with the exact same character as u are I would definitely marry him !

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Place, same old story.

I haven't post anything straight from my heart for quite sometime. Maybe because I have lost m heart somewhere in the middle. Anyhow, here I am wanting to share a thing or two to the whole world.

Before I get the chance to share, I will have to admit a stupid decision that I made. I was thinking that by being in a new place I will get a whole new type of boss that will treat me differently.

Anyhow in terms of appreciation of my ability to work, the new boss has taken me to the next level. He allows me to go to site visits. Initially he didn't take me to meeting's, but I have grown wiser and express to him that I want to join with any of his meeting and I even refresh his memory that I have told him during the interview not to put me in the office and I want to go out more!

The rest, in terms of the approval of quotation by being very particular in every points, I think all bosses are the same. Maybe one day if I become the boss I'll be the same. The whole issue of a salesman chasing his target it's the same here with my boss except this time he is the one who introduce the company and came back with the inquiry. The issue will only arise during the time when he wants to get the deal. He just have his annoying way which when we get the hang of it it will be okay.

The only annoying thing about my boss is that he will say what ever he wants to say without taking into account of people's feeling. Well I just have to cope with that and pretend that I don't listen to any of those harsh words. Because of him I get to be where I am, even though I am a chemical engineer who is trying to sell some circuit breaker, he still accepts me and convince his boss to hire me.

He always praise for a good job well done. It's making me feel all warm inside and forget the hatred that I have towards him. There are times I thing that he is just throwing me with a whole loads of work I need to realize that he has even more work than I do.

Today, I have made my decision to stay "here" until I have enough experience and then I will leave once the time is right. He has initially mentioned that he wants me to be here just for three years and then I may leave as I wish.

I just want to share with everybody that no matter where you work. The environment will still be the same. But it depends on the amount of experience and the facilities that the company manage to provide will help you decide whether to stay or leave. For me, I think it's worth staying here and having to stand to this harsh environment because I will learn a lot of things and the status of the company will make my resume look nicer in the future.

"This is what my boss has repeatedly remind me and my friend except he changes the word funny to handsome" <--Seriously, I'm not joking!

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Great story..

Just shut up and read!

Tak lama dulu ada seorang Melayu yang ingin makan lauk ketam. Pada pagi tu dia pergilah ke pasar borong dan berjalan ke satu kedai milik Cina yang menjual ketam.

Melayu: Apek! Itu ketam ada jual ka?

Cina: Ada…ada…lu mau ketam Cina ka ketam Melayu?

Melayu: Aik! Ketam pun ada Melayu dengan Cina ka apek? Cuba lu tunjuk mana ketam Melayu, mana ketam Cina?

Cina: Itu sana dalam bekas ada tutup…ketam Cina.... sana dalam bekas tak ada tutup…ketam Melayu la….

Melayu: Apa pasal ketam Cina apek kasi tutup.... ketam Melayu apek tak kasi tutup?

Cina: Itu ketam Cina kalau satu ekor keluar.... ketam lain pun diajar macam mana boleh keluar dari bekas. Nanti lama-lama semua ketam pandai macam mana mau keluar dari bekas. Jadi semua keluar la.

Melayu: Ketam Melayu tak itu macam ka?

Cina: Ketam Melayu, kalau satu ekor keluar yang lain kasi tarik itu kaki ketam tadi… jangan kasi keluar. Dia mau dia sekor saja keluar…yang lain biar dalam bekas. Kalau dia sudah keluar, dia terus lari, tak mau ajar yang lain macam mana mau keluar.

Dr. Rozaini told me this story during Incineration class last year and suddenly it came to me! No matter who you are what century we are in, but Melayu tak mudah lupa because they will always be Melayu with the same characteristic for eternity..

p/s: nasib baik aku jawa tok tok~~~ lol~~

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Knocking on my door~~~


I haven't been posting a lot of blog lately. Any how i think my mating season has come again~~

Although it sound spooky hihi.. but I just can't get rid of my mating instinct. I think it has something to do with my hormone because lately I have been having my mood swing and a lot of zits on my face! darn~~~

So the story is about this guy I have been having a huge crush on! I don't do anything to get him at all because that is just not my style. I am the kind of person who would pay a visit to Mr Google and type "His" name in the box right in the middle of the page. In a lay man language I am more of a virtual stalker la~

The result scares me a lot! He is just the PERFECT GUY!!!

1. cool hobby -CHECK-
2. cute face -CHECK-
3. engineer -CHECK-
4. artistic -CHECK-
5. chubby -CHECK-
6. financially stable -CHECK-
7. single -CHECK-

the list can goes on and on with him complying every specification.

Based on my research he is the kind that can be specified as "Trying too hard" when he likes a certain girl. It's kinda scares me that it might be what he is lacking off.

To make things more interesting, I had a dream last night. It's not just about him but also about his behavior of being a trying too hard person. Here is what happen in my fantasy land~~

We were just at the beginning of our relationship and after only a couple of days together, he has brought me to meet his huge family. When I was at his parents house I felt accepted by his sisters and mother (not that I know anything about his family - it's just my fantasy after all). Both of us were very satisfied with the meeting and that day ends happily.

The next day, since I was still tired of the excitement of meeting his family the day before, I stayed at my home and do nothing. Then, all of a sudden, I received a text from him saying that he is on the way to Batu Pahat and meet my parents without me! I felt so warm after that because I believe that this guy is trying his best to be part of my life.

But then came this cold feeling where I am suppose to go to work! So i had to check the clock and I realized that I woke-up half an hour later than the usual! it's all because of that dream making me feel all comfortable on my bed!

p/s to those men who has their brain in the gutter! this is not a wet dream okay!

Have a good day~~ Below are the pictures of my niece trying to swim with the fish~~

This is Sarah standing next to the fish pond

This is Sarah trying to swim with the fish. My brother is trying to stop her and not encouraging her~~

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Emptyness and Fullness

Btw the words I used in the title of this post do not exist in the dictionary. So, please do not re-use it in any proper sentences.

I want to tell a small tiny story about my life. I have dumped my boyfriend for almost 4 months now. So, for 4 months I do not have a shoulder to cry on every time when I'm lonely or sad. But for the last 3 months I have moved in with my family and I have my niece to keep me occupy, my sister in law that I can hangout with and my brother to lepak with.

Even so, somewhere deep inside my tiny heart that is filled with FAT there is a small whole that can't be filled.

I tried to fill it in before but it doesn't work! How on earth that I can't see that he cannot fill it in?? He's just too "skema" for me! Then, now I have no intention at all to find the replacement to fill this emptyness within me.


These couple of days...

All of a sudden I feel like it is being filled. But the huge question is..



so, to that particular guy.. I you feel like you have been filling in the emptyness in my heart please inform me... Because I don't know why I feel "bahagia" like I'm up in cloud 9~~

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not so straight!

I have encountered with some physically perfect guys recently. Most of them I might classify as HOT! but, in the end, when I observe the way they walk...ALAMAK! KANTOI! LENTIK!. This is a true story and if you don't believe me, try to check out those hot men you see in IKEA and any gym near you.

I have been discussing this matter with people around me and most of the time we are going to come to the conclusion where gay guys are HOT.

Anyway, there is a GIGANTIC but here!

I was googling on the Royal Malaysian Navy logo and this is the picture that I ends up with...


this is just disgusting! This picture is being posted in a blog saying that they are gay. So, i ends up doing some research on them through lots of blog and I ends up with loads more images of both of them smooching around!

Luckily I did not find their naked pictures! Or else I'll be single for the rest of my LIFE!!!

Any how~~ the result of my little research come to the conclusion that there are ugly gay men out there! Below are more images of them smooching!!! Enjoy~~~~


Owh man!

I think the fat one is the receiving end!

They even went for a holiday together!

I'am sorry if this post is annoying, no one force you to read it on the first place! :-P
The pictures posted above are from this blog: