Sunday, January 30, 2011

Emptyness and Fullness

Btw the words I used in the title of this post do not exist in the dictionary. So, please do not re-use it in any proper sentences.

I want to tell a small tiny story about my life. I have dumped my boyfriend for almost 4 months now. So, for 4 months I do not have a shoulder to cry on every time when I'm lonely or sad. But for the last 3 months I have moved in with my family and I have my niece to keep me occupy, my sister in law that I can hangout with and my brother to lepak with.

Even so, somewhere deep inside my tiny heart that is filled with FAT there is a small whole that can't be filled.

I tried to fill it in before but it doesn't work! How on earth that I can't see that he cannot fill it in?? He's just too "skema" for me! Then, now I have no intention at all to find the replacement to fill this emptyness within me.


These couple of days...

All of a sudden I feel like it is being filled. But the huge question is..



so, to that particular guy.. I you feel like you have been filling in the emptyness in my heart please inform me... Because I don't know why I feel "bahagia" like I'm up in cloud 9~~

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Not so straight!

I have encountered with some physically perfect guys recently. Most of them I might classify as HOT! but, in the end, when I observe the way they walk...ALAMAK! KANTOI! LENTIK!. This is a true story and if you don't believe me, try to check out those hot men you see in IKEA and any gym near you.

I have been discussing this matter with people around me and most of the time we are going to come to the conclusion where gay guys are HOT.

Anyway, there is a GIGANTIC but here!

I was googling on the Royal Malaysian Navy logo and this is the picture that I ends up with...


this is just disgusting! This picture is being posted in a blog saying that they are gay. So, i ends up doing some research on them through lots of blog and I ends up with loads more images of both of them smooching around!

Luckily I did not find their naked pictures! Or else I'll be single for the rest of my LIFE!!!

Any how~~ the result of my little research come to the conclusion that there are ugly gay men out there! Below are more images of them smooching!!! Enjoy~~~~


Owh man!

I think the fat one is the receiving end!

They even went for a holiday together!

I'am sorry if this post is annoying, no one force you to read it on the first place! :-P
The pictures posted above are from this blog: