Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What really happen

Owh yes I have recently went crazy on Facebook and post and angry status on an ex-colleague. Well after that she contacted me and explained about the handbag and the car. The thing is, it's not just that. 
It began with the facial wash. I remembered a very long time ago, I showed her what type of facial wash I was using and a couple months after that she proudly showed me that she is using the exact same facial wash. I did not get angry or anything I was just thinking that it's kind of weird.
Then, I realized that there were other small things like when she first join the company, she is the kind of girl who wears flat shoes and during that time I was crazy with wedges and hills. There were this particular wedges that is freakishly high that even my boss commented on it. Then, you know what? A couple of weeks later she shows up with similar design of wedges.  At that moment, I still tend to ignore all those little things that she does.
Tension starts to build when I bought a new phone. It was just a blackberry. I am the kind of person who hates the attention when I have a new stuff, I even take the step of having the same ringtone as my old phone so that people won't notice. Guess what?? A couple of weeks after that, when I arrived in the office in the morning, she was proudly waving her phone to me showing that she has also bought a blackberry. How about that? The odds of having the same brand of cell phone is quite high too, but I still let it pass. 
The tip of the iceberg was, when one day I felt like having an Ikea meatballs for lunch and I dragged her all the way to Ikea. After the meal, we decided to look around inside the Ikea to check out any new products. Then, I saw those pink document tray that finally they re-stock. I told her I always wanted it but it was always out of stock, and now when there are abundant of them, I do not have the budget. YOU KNOW WHAT? Less than a week after the occasion, she showed up in the office with the exact same tray in pink? I was angry like mad! You might think that, "it's just a document tray, what is the big deal?" The issue is, since it's an unimportant thing and greatly available in stationary store, why does she has to buy that particular tray with the same exact colour? If she really needs it, she can get any other color isn't it? If it's something like a house for example, and she bought the same exact house that I have been eyeing for, I am sure I won't get angry because in terms of odd item like a house or a car, it's not easy to get a great bargain and the odd of owning the exact same item is higher. The problem is now is that its a common thing, but why does she has to buy the one that I wanted? I ends up not buying it at all and used the common type provided by the company. 
After that, there were the make-up craze I had when I started wearing full make up and all and then she decided to put on make up too but to the extend of having her make-up bag on her side and always ready for her to touch up. That is just plain annoying. 
Then the car, I was not angry but just a little bit annoyed but as I mentioned before, it is understandable that the odds of driving the same car is quite high. So, I have no complaints about that. I changed to a new phone and then she changed too to the same brand is also not a big problem to me.
The handbag thing was the last thing I can bare. She said that the husband bought for her and etc, came to me explaining and all saying that it's not her money. Well, money is not the problem, the problem is using the exact same handbag. How bout the handbag before that? It look similar with another colleague, did her fiancee bought her that too? All of the stuff before this? Her family bought for her?? Well she is just a very annoying person and I don't feel guilty at all with that status. I didn't mention her name and if she thinks she's innocent why does she has to act guilty?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Halal Wonton Noodles in Johor Bahru/UTM Skudai

I have never tasted any wonton noodles in my life before because this is a Chinese Delicacy and it's normally non-halal here in Malaysia. But when I studied in UTM Skudai, I had the opportunity to find a Muslim stall selling wonton noodles. The exact location is in the cafeteria located at K11. The name of the stall is OK Wantan Mee. The stall is owned by a pair of husband and wife and they will make you feel like home with their fantastic treatment. For a regular like me, the wife can predict what I will order even before I said anything.

They serve the dry version as well as the soup version. They also have variety of noodles to choose, from the normal wantan noodles, ramen noodles or even "Raja" noodles. Just ask the owner for the perfect noodles to pair with the kind of serving you desire (dry version or soup version).

They also serve an out of this world Chicken Rice with an affordable price. During the month of Ramadhan, they provide delivery service for "sahur" specially for the students staying in "Kolej 11".

If you are not a UTM student but you wish to taste this great meal, you can visit their other outlet located at Angsana shopping mall food court. It's just 2 stalls away from the "Rojak Asma" stall. They serve the same menu as in UTM except  this outlet do not serve chicken rice. Since UTM is having their semester break and as an ex-student who do not have total access to the university compound, I get to opportunity to relive memories during my study years last weekend where I visited the Angsana outlet and get my hands on a bowl of "raja" noodles in wonton soup. It is as tasty as ever and worth every penny.

If you are a student in UTM and never heard about this stall, go on an pay a visit at K11 cafe or if you are planning to visit Johor Bahru, don't forget to make a stop at Plaza Angsana for this great food!

Friday, August 23, 2013

It's all about perspective

The definition of perspective that I got out of Google is "a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view." Trust me, for common people like me, I would only think this word only applicable for some art sculpture or painting on how you look at and how you would define those art works. 

Well get this, it's applicable on your daily life too! Here's a simple example, 

A couple of days ago I was hanging out with the Human Resource personnel, suddenly, she mentioned my colleague's name and ask me to show her which one is this person. After pointing her to the right direction, then, I asked her "what's up?". Well, for a typical hr person, they would keep everything as a secret, so, she just said "Nothing". 

As a normal human being (normal I guess), I started to think that maybe my colleague is going to get a raise or she gets promoted. I can't help but feeling a little bit jealous about it. After that, I went on straight to my colleague with the "great" news (based on my perspective that she's getting a raise or's great isn't it?). Then I told her that the hr personnel is looking for her, guess what pops out of her mouth??? "Why is she looking for me?? Did I do anything wrong??" I just smiled at her and told her that it's all about perspective, the hr people might be looking for her to give something nice like a raise or a promotion, instead she went on a look on the negative part of it. 

How I would conclude the situation would be, your perspective on a certain occasion is based on which shoes are you in. In my case, I was the "jealous colleague", hence, I started to think that she's getting all the great things that I don't think I can ever get. For her on the other hand, she can't help but feeling guilty maybe due to some small mistakes she had done before. Anyhow, it's important that you need to have a correct perspective on any situation, so that you won't feel sad or stress about it later. Imagine being in my friend's shoes, she might still feels guilty and cannot stop thinking about why is that hr person looking for her. In order to have peace of mind, look everything in the positive perspective, then you can think properly if you ever stuck in a bad situation.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I believe in no such thing as racism in Malaysia!

Hello! Thanks to my boss whom I always complaint about on this blog, he suggested that I write any "logical" input I have on daily basis. Hence, here I am posting a blog the moment I reach home, still in my office attire.

I believe all those racist issue were raised because people are just purposely trying to cause chaos. Apparently, even after they talk about it on almost daily basis, none of us are affected by it. My first example is of what had just occurred to me a couple of minutes ago. Here's the story:

I was walking towards my apartment from the car park, when I was about to cross the road, there was an Indian girl who ALMOST run over me with her bicycle (Please notice the word "almost", it didn't happen okay!). In order to avoid the accident, I just had to stop walking and let her pass through since she seemed unable to control her bike. Even though, nothing happened and no one gets hurt, she still said "Maaf", and I ended up giving her a smile without being angry at all.

Furthermore, back in my secondary school, more than half of the students in my class are non-Malays and we had no problem at all. I remembered going to the mall for a movie with them, and there was even once, we had a trip and I stayed in a room with two Indian girls and a Chinese girl. We had so much fun as if nothing divide us.

To conclude, if you were ever being annoyed with people from other race and started thinking "Typical Chinese/Indian/Malay", think back again, have you ever met people of your race that has a bad attitude as the people from the other race that you are annoyed with? I believe the answer would be YES. Then, you will realize, it's not about the race, it's all about that person itself that cannot behave properly.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Luaskan Kuasa, Menaungkan kami....

Hey all!

In the spirit of JDT masuk ke final piala FA, so, saya  bersemangat dan berbangga menjadi orang Johor!

Teringat kepada kutukan rakan sekerja yang tidak puas hati dengan term yang digunakan oleh berita channel berapa entah tentang perlawanan separuh akhir dengan Pahang yang ditunda. Katanya pembaca berita menggunakan terma "bangsa Johor" berulang kali dimana rakan-rakan saya merasakan "Adakah korang ni bukan melayu dan mempunyai bangsa sendiri?". Well, my respond at that very moment was "**cricket sound**"....hihi........well I refuse to create any provocation and I really cherish the friendship that we have.

Tapi, what I want to say is. Yes! we are our own bangsa whereby, the poem below can explain everything about "bangsa johor"
Furthermore, the poem also give a reminder to all JDT fan for the final. Hope to see you guys at the stadium on the 29th June!

Melayu Johor
telah terlalu banyak kita kehilangan
sawah ladang bertukar tangan
pekan dan bandar kita menumpang
Teluk Belanga entah ke mana
yang tinggal hanyalah pakaian
sedarah sedaging hampir hilang
yang ada hanyalah setulang
Selat Tebrau kian sempit
hati rindu jauh tergamit.

Di Johor,
Jawa itu Melayu
Bugis itu Melayu
Banjar itu Melayu
Minangkabau memang Melayu
Aceh dan Siak adalah Melayu
Jakun dan Sakai lebih Melayu
Arab dan Turki pekat Melayu
Mamak dan Malbari jadi Melayu
malah Muallaf bertakrif Melayu.

Melayu itu maknanya bijaksana
"jika menipu pun bersopan"
kurang ajarnya tetap bersantun
dajalnya cukup selamba
budi bahasa jangan dikira
beraninya cukup benar
tunduk bila bersalah
"lembutnya cukup jantan"
setia sampai ke kubur
biar mati adat jangan mati sahabat.

Anak Johor,
luka di Tanjung Putri
parutnya di Parit Raja
muka biar berseri
mulut biar berbahasa.

Berkelahilah cara Melayu
menikam dengan pantun
menyanggah dalam senyum
marahnya dalam tertawa
merendah bukan menyembah
meninggi bukan melonjak.

Watak Melayu menolak permusuhan
jiwa Melayu mengangkat persahabatan
kasih sayang kekeluargaan
ringan tulang saling bertolongan
jujur memaafkan, ikhlas memberikan.

Berdamailah cara Melayu
silaturahim yang murni
di mulut sama di hati
maaf senantiasa bersahut
tangan dihulur bersambut
luka pun tidak lagi berparut.

Melayu Johor saudaraku yang dikasihi,
dalam kekeruhan ini carilah perdamaian
sifat terpuji setiap insan.

Bermuafakat supaya berkat
bersaudara dunia akhirat
berikhtiar dengan tabah
kepada Allah berserah.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My birthday!

Hey ho it's my birthday!

Well my family celebrated it with a whole loads of food last night with an awesome cake to top it off! Durian cheese cake! My breath still smells like durian at this very moment!

It has been a fun day for me! Woke up with a lot of last night mess in the kitchen in my grandmother's place, hence I had to help my parents clean it all up before making my way back to my house here in USJ! All the cleaning activity really worn me out and I was planning to take a nap and just hang out with my family till noon before making my way back to USJ, then, I suddenly remember that I promised to my students to organize a class tonight. Then I just went on and get ready to pack my stuff for my trip back to KL! yeay!

With all of the lamb, chicken and fishes I had for dinner last night that is making my throat all dry in the morning, I spent the whole time packing my stuff with one of my hand holding a glass of water. In summary, I drank a lot of water this morning before my trip!

During my trip, I stopped at the first petrol station I encountered and bought a bottle of mineral water to quench my never ending thirst and a can of red bull to keep me energize while driving. You can imagine with the amount of water I have been drinking the whole morning complete with the bottle of mineral water I just bought, I had to stop for the ladies at the first R&R in Melacca which was less than an hour from the moment I begin my journey.

After emptying my "tank" then I continue my lonely journey back to USJ with the company of a can of redbull! comes the effect of loads of caffein complete with loads of water.... The moment I finished the can of the energy drink I had a little feeling that I need to go to the ladies again!

I was like "WTF" and to make things more interesting, the traffic had started to become heavy from Ayer Keroh onwards... Yet, my smart little brain told myself that we'll make a stop in Dengkil, by then, the congestion will subside and less people at the R&R and I can empty my tank comfortably. But unfortunately, as the traffic is getting heavier every second and the rate of my tanks going full is increasing, I decided to reduce the distance. I promised myself that the next stop will be the R&R in Seremban instead. But apparently God really want to test me and the traffic was almost at stand still and my palms starts to sweat and I just cannot sit still! I felt like my bladder was about to burst!

To avoid any future health problem I decided to take the next exit which was Port Dickson, to empty my tank. The moment I was at the toll gate, I asked the lady working there, "is there any toilet at this exit?" with a happy face she answered my question, "there's no toilet here"

I felt like committing suicide at that very moment!

Then I decided to just drive heading to Seremban and find any petrol station regardless of the cleanliness. After driving for quite a while, I found a BHP somewhere under a flyover and luckily the ladies is clean even though it's an old building. It was a huge relief and I decided to continue my journey without turning back to enter the highway with the same exit I took Instead, I was aiming to enter the highway through the Seremban exit. 

But... since I have no idea where I was, I felt lost! I have never drove in Seremban and I don't know my way around! I just drive and drive until I was at the Seremban city center and from there I went on and looking for the green highway signboard. Luckily I found the right exit which was the Seremban exit and I just have to go through the heavy traffic for a couple more minutes before I exit on to the ELITE highway which there was no congestion at all.

Well, it was an exciting day for me and now I am just tired, luckily the tuition class was canceled and now I am just sitting at home doing nothing. Yeay!

A piece of advice, don't drink too much water before going into a long journey alone! ahaha!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nasi ayam from raw material!

Owh yes! I am all excited to make chicken rice! found an awsome recipe online and I am going to practice it today after work for dinner with my love one! The recipe I found is:

Bahan-bahan ( 6-8 orang )

Untuk rebus
-1 ekor ayam dipotong ikut suka besarnya (x potong pun boleh)
- 2 ulas bawang putih
- 2sm halia yg diketuk
Untuk perap
>1 sudu besar kicap pekat
>1 sudu besar sos tiram
>1cm halia
>2 ulas bawang putih
>sedikit kicap cair
Untuk nasi
- 5cwn beras
- 3 sudu besar butter
- 1cm halia- ditumbuk
- 4 ulas bawang putih -ditumbuk
- air rebusan ayam tadi secukupnya
- sedikit garam.
Bahan sos
> 5biji cili merah
> 5 ulas bawang putih
> 2cm halia
> 1 sudu teh cuka, garam, gula
> 1/2 cawan air
Untuk sup
@lebihan air rebusan ayam
@1 biji bawang besar kisar
@rempah sup
@daun sup yg dihiris.


  1. Ayam dipotong ikut suka besarnya (x potong pun boleh)..bersihkan dan di lumur dengan 2 ulas bawang putih yg ditumbuk dan 2sm halia yg diketuk..dan rebus hingga empuk
  2. Toskan ayam dan perap dengan bahan-bahan untuk perap selama 15-20min. Goreng hingga garing.
  3. Basuh beras dan toskan. Panaskan butter, tumis halia dan bawang putih hingga garing. masukkan beras, terbit bau, masukkan air rebusan ayam secukupnya dan garam. Masak seperti biasa.
  4. Untuk sos-blendkan semua bahan diatas. boleh ditambah tomato sos/sos cili jika suka. Boleh juga dimasak sebentar (jika suka)
  5. Untuk sup- air rebusan ayam didihkan bersama bawang besar, rempah sup, garam dan daun sup tadi. 

Well, here's the link where I found the recipe Nasi Ayam Special

I hope I have enough time to cook before my boyfriend comes home from work! Owh please!