Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nasi ayam from raw material!

Owh yes! I am all excited to make chicken rice! found an awsome recipe online and I am going to practice it today after work for dinner with my love one! The recipe I found is:

Bahan-bahan ( 6-8 orang )

Untuk rebus
-1 ekor ayam dipotong ikut suka besarnya (x potong pun boleh)
- 2 ulas bawang putih
- 2sm halia yg diketuk
Untuk perap
>1 sudu besar kicap pekat
>1 sudu besar sos tiram
>1cm halia
>2 ulas bawang putih
>sedikit kicap cair
Untuk nasi
- 5cwn beras
- 3 sudu besar butter
- 1cm halia- ditumbuk
- 4 ulas bawang putih -ditumbuk
- air rebusan ayam tadi secukupnya
- sedikit garam.
Bahan sos
> 5biji cili merah
> 5 ulas bawang putih
> 2cm halia
> 1 sudu teh cuka, garam, gula
> 1/2 cawan air
Untuk sup
@lebihan air rebusan ayam
@1 biji bawang besar kisar
@rempah sup
@daun sup yg dihiris.


  1. Ayam dipotong ikut suka besarnya (x potong pun boleh)..bersihkan dan di lumur dengan 2 ulas bawang putih yg ditumbuk dan 2sm halia yg diketuk..dan rebus hingga empuk
  2. Toskan ayam dan perap dengan bahan-bahan untuk perap selama 15-20min. Goreng hingga garing.
  3. Basuh beras dan toskan. Panaskan butter, tumis halia dan bawang putih hingga garing. masukkan beras, terbit bau, masukkan air rebusan ayam secukupnya dan garam. Masak seperti biasa.
  4. Untuk sos-blendkan semua bahan diatas. boleh ditambah tomato sos/sos cili jika suka. Boleh juga dimasak sebentar (jika suka)
  5. Untuk sup- air rebusan ayam didihkan bersama bawang besar, rempah sup, garam dan daun sup tadi. 

Well, here's the link where I found the recipe Nasi Ayam Special

I hope I have enough time to cook before my boyfriend comes home from work! Owh please!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Resam Dunia - P Ramlee

I heard this song on the radio 2 days ago when I was flipping through the radio channels. Now I am crazy about it. The song is just talking bout LIFE! I don't think that there's any other song as sincere as this song.

Check out each and every words of this song and you will understand......

Dunia ini hanya palsu
Manusia berdusta
Kebanyakan suka menipu
Gemar membuat dosa

Dunia penuh dengan noda
Dunia penuh dosa
Kebanyakan tipu dan daya
Mengikut nafsu murka

Ada pula yang salah sangka
Banyak yang salah terka
Pasir disangka intan
Batu disangka berlian

Siapa itu
Cuba terka

Siapakah itukah gerangan
Berlagu dan berdendang
Suara merdu dan menawan
Membikin hatiku girang

Kalau ada bunga di taman
Berseri warna kuning
Apa guna ke hutan
Sekuntum boleh disunting

Mari sini
Jangan marah

Begitulah resam dunia
Tidak kekal selamanya
Hati-hati sebelum kena
Agar tiada terpedaya.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Double shot ABB subsidized cheap espresso bean latte!

I wanted to post something online, but I am very sure that it's too long to be tweeted. Then I decided to post it on facebook! Half way typing the status, then I started to think....only lame people still post what they think on facebook status. Suddenly my light bulb shines!!! *tingggg*. I am going to blog about it!!!!!!!

Let me begin.......

Do you remember P Ramlee's movie "Labu Labi"???

There's this one scene where Labu chanted "nak cari kayu, nak cari kayu" before going to bed.

Now, it's almost 1 a.m. and all I can think is "nak pergi site visit, nak pergi site visit".

I turn and I turn, but I still cannot shut my eyes. I tried my best to figure out why on earth I am all excited about this site visit until I can't force myself to sleep???

The site is only in Texas Instrument in Ampang. It's not like a very fancy place that I would have some time to include a short shopping session.

Then when I broaden my "thinking radius" (does this word even exist? If it doesn't I should patent it! :-P), I realized I drank a cup of coffee this afternoon. That's why my brain is telling me to sleep now but my eyelids are wide open!!!

What's in my coffee?

1. Double shot espresso (made out of cheap espresso beans subsidized by ABB)
2. 4 teaspoon of coffeemate
3. 1 teaspoon of sugar!

The first ingredient is the reason why I am being this energetic and posting a blog at 1 am!

This effect is quite unusual since I have been drinking this coffee for more than a year now, but why am I having this "caffeine kick" (I don't this think this word exist too! I just created it. It means, being extra energetic due to too much coffee in your body) right now? I need to sleep! I don't want to be sleepy tomorrow morning in front of the client!!!

I don't want to seem like I am not interested in their cap bank issue!!! (in reality I don't give a shit on the issue, medium voltage products are just making me sleepy....zZzZzZzZ....) Hence, please go to sleep my dear eyes........My brain can't function anymore, it's time for it to shut down for a couple of hours..

Goodnight to all of you reading this post. I think all of you should go to bed too. (Yes you, the one thinking, "apa si Wani merepek ni???")

Gutte Nacht!!! XOXOXO

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I believe in serendipity!

Well, after 11 years the movie serendipity had released, I only get the chance to watch it last week! How pathetic! Well, at the end of the movie I believe that it's a fairytale and it won't happen in real life!

Well, let me start the story by telling you a history. Back then when I was a student, I took a subject called separation and in order to complete it I have to attend the laboratory class too. During this lab. class I was in a group of all girls except for one guy who I don't find familiar at all. He is not my coursemate or even from the same batch as I am. He is a senior and I do not know for what reason he had to take that class that semester. Anyway during the class I had time to ask about his background because I found him attractive! (Muka macho melayu giteww! Hotsss!) Well there's nothing happen after that because I don't think he would find a plain girl like me attractive. But at that moment I was really in to him!

Then I moved on with my life until a couple of days ago. It struck me "what ever happen to that guy ea?".

Then I started reminisce about him, thinking bout his stories of having a Frech couple adopt him as their son, he sings in the choir, and he even like to see the musical theater. Then the feeling just brushed off and I resume with my life.

BUT THEN!!!!!!!!!

Something weird happen, Fatimah and I went to the World Gas Convention today and guess who I bumped into at the convention???

It's "abang lab separation"!!!!!!!!!!

I was staring at this guy that I found attractive because I was thinking, "I've seen this guy before, but I couldn't recall where". He even noticed that I was staring at him, and then it struck me! Yes!!!! He is my abang lab separation!

At first I was thinking to ignore his existence because I was embarrassed by the fact that I stared at him earlier. So I continue going around the hall. Then, Fatimah and I went to Shell's booth and we were asked to join a quiz session. We were happy to join it, and guess who else join it??

It's "abang lab seperation"!!!!

Well at the end of the session, I was so determined to go to him and say "hi". But after I returned the "remote thingy", I looked around and he was gone!

I told Fatimah that I want to look for him and it was SERENDIPITY that had just occur. But she says it's not! Well she challenged me, if I ends up marrying "abang lab separation" she will sponsor my wedding!

Now I am more than determine to find him! If the serendipity is so strong! We might meet in the end just like in the movie! Just wait and see, I really hope I will get my free wedding! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

First experience to be in Kuching, Sarawak

I am a 25 year old Malaysian who has never been to Kuching Sarawak. This is suppose to be a great experience for me.

Well initially it was great, besides the fact that the client screamed at me once we arrived at the airport. It was kind of bad and it makes me grumpy but..... I had a great lunch and it changed my mood altogether. Well as usual, food can make you happy. I had prawns, fish and some vegetables that I can't find it in the peninsular. I also had a great appetizer which is sea cucumber soup. Yummeh!!

Then we went to the hotel and i get to have a great view from my room with huge beds! It is so awsome!

Then, in the afternoon when it was not so hot. I took a walk along the river. It was nice in the beginning because the weather is great and the view are nice.

I even saw a very nice restaurant named James Brooke cafe. I feel like having dinner there when I saw it.

After having such a great time walking all by myself and enjoying the view, then, I notice that there's someone has been walking behind me for quite sometimes. I hold my handbag tightly because I was scared of pick pocket. Then suddenly I heard a voice from behind.

"Where are you going? Why are you walking alone? Are you going to see a friend?"

It was three questions asked at once and he speaks in Malay obviously, but I just translated it for you.

Well, during that moment I choose to ignore him. Then he called me "kak long" and ask me again "Are you going to meet someone?"

I was so scared and I just nodded my head

Then, he asked again. "Where are you going to meet that friend of yours?"

I just point somewhere ahead.

Then, he asked again "Why, you can't talk??"

And then I laughed and I finally said "Yeah, I am going to meet my friend somewhere over there" (well I keep it as general as possible since I am not meeting anyone)

At that moment, I was so scared then I informed my friends on What's App.

Then I heard the guy's voice again. He was guessing "Is that guy in the white shirt is your friend??"

Then I freaked out and call Fatimah. But unfortunately!!!!! Fatimah's phone was having a problem and I cannot talk to her. Then I had to call Poji to pretend that I am confirming an appointment. When I was talking to Pojie, that guy stops following me. After walking for a couple of minutes, I turned my head around and that guy was WAVING at me! HOW SCARY IS THAT??? Then I just leave a message to Pojiah, "if I don't send any message on what's app in an hour, then they will have to call the police!!!"

Well I took a different route to go back to the hotel and I even had time to do some shopping. When I reached the hotel I saw Michael Hedberg! That was the greatest view of all! I felt safe and we had dinner in front of the hotel, near the river. Once I have Michael around I felt all comfortable!

Now at this very moment, I am safe in my hotel room posting this blog!

That was a crazy experience! I really hope that it will not happen again during my next visit with Angeles!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Principle VS Feelings

Well when it comes to my principle and my feelings are in a middle of a race, I am just confused who should I name as the winner.

The story is like this. I have been having this feeling towards a certain someone a very long time ago. But I have this principle of not going with it since it will cause a very bad consequence. Well it will kind of ruined my life all together. I have been preaching that it's a bad thing for quite some time and yet this feeling is telling me the opposite.

I used to be successfully putting this feeling aside because I was distracted. And yet, lately I have lost my distraction and now I realized that the distraction is not strong anymore, in fact it is the main reason drawing me closer to this person that I am not suppose to have feeling with.

I am trying my best to somehow thinking bout his negative side to fight with this feeling and yet I always ends up loosing. The attraction is so powerful and I do not know how to handle it anymore. I was so lucky at one point I was saved by living in denial with this attraction because he kind of proposing the idea of having something between us and I  didn't get it and pointing the conversation to a whole different direction. I only realized that he was proposing the idea until I saw his reaction with my respond to his question. Well, part of me I wish that he will propose the idea again and yet the other part of me really hope that he gives up with us and never proposing it again because it's a bad thing.

I still think that the whole relationship is a bad idea. How to overcome this feeling??? I need a new distraction because the old one is useless. Where can I find a new one? I need it fast!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crazy little thing called love

I have a lot of male close friend...........some of them are married and I even know their wife. I just feel comfortable being friend with men because somehow most of my jokes are kind of "manly" and not many women will understand.

I can list all of them up, like Rezza who used to work in Protank, Pian, Hardi, then there's Daus from Matrikulasi in Tangkak and also from UTM like Abu and the rest. I also have a couple of friend here in ABB like Adly, Shahariman and all........

Anyway, perempuan ni cepat perasan. I always share my feelings and thoughts with them and pernah la at one point I felt like some of them had feelings towards me. But then now dah tua I am mature enough to understand that it's just plain friendship.

I still remember the feeling of "perasaan" that I had towards these friends.........it's different. It felt like puppy love and it came right after we get close (like after 1-2 months being friends), and after that the feelings kind of gone missing. Everything get back to normal

But then. now I have this friend. We've been friend for almost a year. I think that he is the closest of them all because he knows my "deepest darkest" secret and he accepts me as it is. I used to had a crush on him but I have got over it since he has a very weird view of a woman and sometimes he an ass! Nevertheless, lately, there are times when we had a conversation, and I kinda "perasan je lebih" that we are "staring" at each others eyes very deeply as in we care about each other.

Our first staring session occur a very long time ago where he ends up with a question "u pakai contact lense ke" which I had been made to understand that he was just admiring my eyes and not related to any feelings at all.

Then the second session was when he gave me a lecture on "you need to change your attitude in order to get a boyfriend". He was about to share what he was lecturing me about with a colleague, when there's this other guy walk in to the location and then, my friend stares deep into my eyes and getting the message from me that "no, don't share it with him, this conversation is private between us".

Our third staring session is two days ago, we were talking and he stared at me, I was also staring at him, and at the beginning of posting this blog I was very sure that there were feelings involved during this third session. But, by now, I kind of have come to realize that he was staring at me because he was just making sure that he had told me everything and no other important details that he had accidentally left out.

Hence, I can conclude this post with, sebenarnya tak ada apa-apa pun.....I je yang perasan...........Wakakakakak!