Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I believe in serendipity!

Well, after 11 years the movie serendipity had released, I only get the chance to watch it last week! How pathetic! Well, at the end of the movie I believe that it's a fairytale and it won't happen in real life!

Well, let me start the story by telling you a history. Back then when I was a student, I took a subject called separation and in order to complete it I have to attend the laboratory class too. During this lab. class I was in a group of all girls except for one guy who I don't find familiar at all. He is not my coursemate or even from the same batch as I am. He is a senior and I do not know for what reason he had to take that class that semester. Anyway during the class I had time to ask about his background because I found him attractive! (Muka macho melayu giteww! Hotsss!) Well there's nothing happen after that because I don't think he would find a plain girl like me attractive. But at that moment I was really in to him!

Then I moved on with my life until a couple of days ago. It struck me "what ever happen to that guy ea?".

Then I started reminisce about him, thinking bout his stories of having a Frech couple adopt him as their son, he sings in the choir, and he even like to see the musical theater. Then the feeling just brushed off and I resume with my life.

BUT THEN!!!!!!!!!

Something weird happen, Fatimah and I went to the World Gas Convention today and guess who I bumped into at the convention???

It's "abang lab separation"!!!!!!!!!!

I was staring at this guy that I found attractive because I was thinking, "I've seen this guy before, but I couldn't recall where". He even noticed that I was staring at him, and then it struck me! Yes!!!! He is my abang lab separation!

At first I was thinking to ignore his existence because I was embarrassed by the fact that I stared at him earlier. So I continue going around the hall. Then, Fatimah and I went to Shell's booth and we were asked to join a quiz session. We were happy to join it, and guess who else join it??

It's "abang lab seperation"!!!!

Well at the end of the session, I was so determined to go to him and say "hi". But after I returned the "remote thingy", I looked around and he was gone!

I told Fatimah that I want to look for him and it was SERENDIPITY that had just occur. But she says it's not! Well she challenged me, if I ends up marrying "abang lab separation" she will sponsor my wedding!

Now I am more than determine to find him! If the serendipity is so strong! We might meet in the end just like in the movie! Just wait and see, I really hope I will get my free wedding!