Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dream....dream dream dream.....

Owh man!!!

I had a very weird dream last night. It made me feeling all warm inside even when I was unconscious. Here's the story~~~

I'm a normal girl whose approaching 30 in less than a decade. All I can think about now is I need to get married. I am as obsess as Fran Fine in the Nanny. So the getting married issue popped up in my dream last night.

The current status is I'm single and I have no idea who to get married to.

In my dream I was dating and madly in love with a very close friend of mine!!! This is scary man!!!
As far as I am concern I am not attracted to him in any way at all!!! (Not because he's ugly and he is not, it's just that I prefer to be his friend than his girlfriend)

In this dream we were at my neighbor's house in Batu Pahat (Mr Tee's house). We spent the night there, but I had to sleep with Mr Tee's daughter (Ah Swang - she really approached in my dream: scary man!!). But all I want to do is to spend time with my boyfriend (who is a friend of mine in reality). Then both of us sneaked out of the room and hang out the whole night without sleeping. Then I asked him why didn't he sleep? Then he said "Sebab saya sangat sayang awak" while rubbing my forehead (this is the part that made me warm inside - having someone who love me with all his heart). But still...

He's just a friend in reality and it's better this way.

P/s - I hope I'm not as old as Fran Fine when I finally get married. :-P


  1. kau biar betul wani. scary je. hahahhaha lepas tu gambar dkt atas tu tak menakutkan pulak!! hahhhahaha

  2. haha....aku crop during office hour....tu yg selekeh tu...haha...

  3. wat de..............siapakahhhh??????????hahaha
    bg la hint sape weh?

  4. mane la tau dia bace blog ni...malu weyh!!!! nnt kalo kte ketemu aku kasi tau....