Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Double shot ABB subsidized cheap espresso bean latte!

I wanted to post something online, but I am very sure that it's too long to be tweeted. Then I decided to post it on facebook! Half way typing the status, then I started to think....only lame people still post what they think on facebook status. Suddenly my light bulb shines!!! *tingggg*. I am going to blog about it!!!!!!!

Let me begin.......

Do you remember P Ramlee's movie "Labu Labi"???

There's this one scene where Labu chanted "nak cari kayu, nak cari kayu" before going to bed.

Now, it's almost 1 a.m. and all I can think is "nak pergi site visit, nak pergi site visit".

I turn and I turn, but I still cannot shut my eyes. I tried my best to figure out why on earth I am all excited about this site visit until I can't force myself to sleep???

The site is only in Texas Instrument in Ampang. It's not like a very fancy place that I would have some time to include a short shopping session.

Then when I broaden my "thinking radius" (does this word even exist? If it doesn't I should patent it! :-P), I realized I drank a cup of coffee this afternoon. That's why my brain is telling me to sleep now but my eyelids are wide open!!!

What's in my coffee?

1. Double shot espresso (made out of cheap espresso beans subsidized by ABB)
2. 4 teaspoon of coffeemate
3. 1 teaspoon of sugar!

The first ingredient is the reason why I am being this energetic and posting a blog at 1 am!

This effect is quite unusual since I have been drinking this coffee for more than a year now, but why am I having this "caffeine kick" (I don't this think this word exist too! I just created it. It means, being extra energetic due to too much coffee in your body) right now? I need to sleep! I don't want to be sleepy tomorrow morning in front of the client!!!

I don't want to seem like I am not interested in their cap bank issue!!! (in reality I don't give a shit on the issue, medium voltage products are just making me sleepy....zZzZzZzZ....) Hence, please go to sleep my dear eyes........My brain can't function anymore, it's time for it to shut down for a couple of hours..

Goodnight to all of you reading this post. I think all of you should go to bed too. (Yes you, the one thinking, "apa si Wani merepek ni???")

Gutte Nacht!!! XOXOXO

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