Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My birthday!

Hey ho it's my birthday!

Well my family celebrated it with a whole loads of food last night with an awesome cake to top it off! Durian cheese cake! My breath still smells like durian at this very moment!

It has been a fun day for me! Woke up with a lot of last night mess in the kitchen in my grandmother's place, hence I had to help my parents clean it all up before making my way back to my house here in USJ! All the cleaning activity really worn me out and I was planning to take a nap and just hang out with my family till noon before making my way back to USJ, then, I suddenly remember that I promised to my students to organize a class tonight. Then I just went on and get ready to pack my stuff for my trip back to KL! yeay!

With all of the lamb, chicken and fishes I had for dinner last night that is making my throat all dry in the morning, I spent the whole time packing my stuff with one of my hand holding a glass of water. In summary, I drank a lot of water this morning before my trip!

During my trip, I stopped at the first petrol station I encountered and bought a bottle of mineral water to quench my never ending thirst and a can of red bull to keep me energize while driving. You can imagine with the amount of water I have been drinking the whole morning complete with the bottle of mineral water I just bought, I had to stop for the ladies at the first R&R in Melacca which was less than an hour from the moment I begin my journey.

After emptying my "tank" then I continue my lonely journey back to USJ with the company of a can of redbull! And.....here comes the effect of loads of caffein complete with loads of water.... The moment I finished the can of the energy drink I had a little feeling that I need to go to the ladies again!

I was like "WTF" and to make things more interesting, the traffic had started to become heavy from Ayer Keroh onwards... Yet, my smart little brain told myself that we'll make a stop in Dengkil, by then, the congestion will subside and less people at the R&R and I can empty my tank comfortably. But unfortunately, as the traffic is getting heavier every second and the rate of my tanks going full is increasing, I decided to reduce the distance. I promised myself that the next stop will be the R&R in Seremban instead. But apparently God really want to test me and the traffic was almost at stand still and my palms starts to sweat and I just cannot sit still! I felt like my bladder was about to burst!

To avoid any future health problem I decided to take the next exit which was Port Dickson, to empty my tank. The moment I was at the toll gate, I asked the lady working there, "is there any toilet at this exit?" with a happy face she answered my question, "there's no toilet here"

I felt like committing suicide at that very moment!

Then I decided to just drive heading to Seremban and find any petrol station regardless of the cleanliness. After driving for quite a while, I found a BHP somewhere under a flyover and luckily the ladies is clean even though it's an old building. It was a huge relief and I decided to continue my journey without turning back to enter the highway with the same exit I took Instead, I was aiming to enter the highway through the Seremban exit. 

But... since I have no idea where I was, I felt lost! I have never drove in Seremban and I don't know my way around! I just drive and drive until I was at the Seremban city center and from there I went on and looking for the green highway signboard. Luckily I found the right exit which was the Seremban exit and I just have to go through the heavy traffic for a couple more minutes before I exit on to the ELITE highway which there was no congestion at all.

Well, it was an exciting day for me and now I am just tired, luckily the tuition class was canceled and now I am just sitting at home doing nothing. Yeay!

A piece of advice, don't drink too much water before going into a long journey alone! ahaha!

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