Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Place, same old story.

I haven't post anything straight from my heart for quite sometime. Maybe because I have lost m heart somewhere in the middle. Anyhow, here I am wanting to share a thing or two to the whole world.

Before I get the chance to share, I will have to admit a stupid decision that I made. I was thinking that by being in a new place I will get a whole new type of boss that will treat me differently.

Anyhow in terms of appreciation of my ability to work, the new boss has taken me to the next level. He allows me to go to site visits. Initially he didn't take me to meeting's, but I have grown wiser and express to him that I want to join with any of his meeting and I even refresh his memory that I have told him during the interview not to put me in the office and I want to go out more!

The rest, in terms of the approval of quotation by being very particular in every points, I think all bosses are the same. Maybe one day if I become the boss I'll be the same. The whole issue of a salesman chasing his target it's the same here with my boss except this time he is the one who introduce the company and came back with the inquiry. The issue will only arise during the time when he wants to get the deal. He just have his annoying way which when we get the hang of it it will be okay.

The only annoying thing about my boss is that he will say what ever he wants to say without taking into account of people's feeling. Well I just have to cope with that and pretend that I don't listen to any of those harsh words. Because of him I get to be where I am, even though I am a chemical engineer who is trying to sell some circuit breaker, he still accepts me and convince his boss to hire me.

He always praise for a good job well done. It's making me feel all warm inside and forget the hatred that I have towards him. There are times I thing that he is just throwing me with a whole loads of work I need to realize that he has even more work than I do.

Today, I have made my decision to stay "here" until I have enough experience and then I will leave once the time is right. He has initially mentioned that he wants me to be here just for three years and then I may leave as I wish.

I just want to share with everybody that no matter where you work. The environment will still be the same. But it depends on the amount of experience and the facilities that the company manage to provide will help you decide whether to stay or leave. For me, I think it's worth staying here and having to stand to this harsh environment because I will learn a lot of things and the status of the company will make my resume look nicer in the future.

"This is what my boss has repeatedly remind me and my friend except he changes the word funny to handsome" <--Seriously, I'm not joking!

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