Friday, June 24, 2011

Dedicated to the person I heart the most!

I am not sure if the title of this post is a proper sentence :-P


I am madly in love with this particular person! I really like spending time with her! I love talking to her. I can spend hours talking to her! We are like two sisters separated at birth. Unfortunately both of us have been busy with work and family matters. It has been almost a month since the last time we meet each other. The last time we spent together was when we spend the whole afternoon watching Nur Kasih and The Pirates of the Carribean back to back.

Last week something happened in her family and I was one of the first that she choose to share the news! I almost cried in front of my boss when I heard that news. I really wanted to be at her side at that moment but I have some constraints that I can't share here in public. Luckily she understands it although I haven't explain it to her.

Days before the incident happen, I had missed her so much that I spent time looking at each and every one of her profile pictures on facebook and commented on almost all of them. Today I find myself looking at some old pictures from her album during the time when we were in uni. I was so pathetic that I ends up reading her comments and laugh at it. Those comments are so funny that it reminds me how much I like her sense of humor!

I bet you would have guessed who is this post dedicated to...
It's for Siti Fatimah binti Jamaludin! I LOVE U! If there is a guy out there with the exact same character as u are I would definitely marry him !

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