Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love-hate relationship

It's hard to have my boss as my best friend! Well hell yeah! I consider my boss as my best friend. He knows me so much to the extend of he knows me better than my parents.

Well,when he puts on his "boss" hat, I feel like nak picit dia sampai keluar tahi hijau! He's one of those annoying boss yg suruh i buat benda merepek mcm secretary and sometimes let me loose like a headless chicken to sort out big issue (to me it's big lah).

But when he puts on his best friend hat, we will have so much fun talking sampai sometimes i wish tak yah balik rumah, just lepak je dgn dia cerita sana sini. He understand me and from what ever he says about himself i think we are so alike.

Today he asked me to get a real boyfriend! He even allows me to do it during office hour...hehe...he puts it as while I am out doing sales I should meet ppl to get a boyfriend. Then i told him why I don't have one. It's because men are intimidated by my "over confident" attitude and my huge ego. Then he asked me to change lah my attitude. But I said I can't.

But when he used himself as an example, I can't help but agree that he has changed. This is based on a colleague's observation la...I pun tak tau dulu dia mcm mana.

Anyhow, he managed to make me think la...tapi mmg susah to change my attitude sbb I believe this is why he hires me at the first place.Tapi betul la wht my boss says, I need to think about my life and kene cari boyfriend and settle down someday. I have a good feeling about this sbb selalu nya apa dia cakap mesti I will automatically ikut...hoho...so I might change my attitude and try to be more girlish and loose the ego.

How to change myself pun I tak tau lagi.So, lama lagi la baru I dapat boyfriend. Hehe....

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