Friday, September 30, 2011


Muahahah! tak de sebab nak post but nak jugak post sesuatu! Lately I selalu sgt emotional. Now i know the contributing reason.  Bukan sebab I dah tua but single, tapi the songs they play on the radio! To begin with is jar of hearts christina perri. Mmg menambah emo kalau dgr lagu ni time driving, buat rasa nak marah je kt lelaki-lelaki gatal yg buat perempuan ni mcm tissue paper. Dah pakai buang, kalau nak lagi ambil yg baru.

Then datang pulak lagu California King bed, to me the definition lagu ni mcm she's loosing grip on a guy yg dulu she own entirely. Mmg buat diri ini emo jugak kalau dgr while driving. Buat rasa marah je kt lelaki yg cuba nak slowly tinggalkan perempuan dgn perlahan-lahan creating a gap. Then "poof" never heard from him anymore

And then, don't let me get started with Adele's someone like u! My first boyfriend dump me kata sebab nak concentrate on study tapi sekali a couple of months after that ada girlfriend pulak! Memang Adele help me define the feeling I had at that moment!

The last but not least! I want to tell all men out there yg used me as a door mat then dump me just like that, please listen to every single words Beyonce says in Best thing I never had

The sad part is that the radio constantly playing these songs! I have to listen to them and I ends up being emotional and stressed. They relate so much to my life and I hate them for telling the truth. I just think men need to listen to every song I listed above and treat your women better! Love them and don't ever let them feel wht those songs are talking about because it hurts a lot!

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