Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I wish that the real life is as easy as Facebook

Do you notice how facebook is making relationship between human being much more easier?

If you want to say "hi" to someone and not saying it, just poke them. You also do not have to actually hurt that person by actually poking them. Isn't that awsome??

Back then when you want to declare your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you must sit and talk to them and the boyfriend will actually propose and mentioned the word "will you be my girlfriend?". Then the girl would answer yes and this will happen face to face. Nowadays, with the help of facebook, just request for a change on your status, then if the girl accept it, your friends and her friend will know that both of you are in a relationship..........it's tht easy! If the girl decides to say "no", then she just have to reject it and she won't directly humiliate the guy........

Wanna know why am I talking bout facebook?

Well I have this friend that I really wish I can unfriend easily just by clicking an icon, just like in facebook.

Of course I can literally click unfriend on tht person name on facebook right now, but, the real life relationship will be ruined too. The thing is, it's not like I want to create an issue with that person or anything. I just wish I can unfriend that person and resume my life like that person had never existed. It's kinda mean, but I personally prefer it to be that way. I have tried the real life way by creating a gap, but then it created a speculation like I have some issue with that person when actually I don't.

I just think that I have been living my life for 24 years without that person and I want to continue it to be that way. I don't want anybody to come to me and say that I am mean or something. I am not!

I have never ended a friendship before, this is the first time I made a decision to end one. (Although someone had ended her relationship with me, but I was not the one who initiate the idea, so I still consider that this is the first time). This decision was not made as a punishment to anyone. I just think it's better this way.

I really wish that our life will resume like it used to be when we didn't know each other.

I don't want to hate tht person and tht person should not hate me too since we "don't know each other". I just want to act natural and still put on a smile when we walk pass by each other, but I don't want to spend time like we use to............

Life would be much easier if it's exactly like facebook........

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