Thursday, November 17, 2011

Late night love song

I was driving back from work and I decided to tune in to Red fm for some late night love song.

As I was approaching my house, they played this song:

As I was listening to it, I was thinking that each and every single words from this song is so true.

We should never keep inside any kind of feeling we have towards a certain someone. I should've told him before he left.

For once, I thought that I might have gotten over him. This song remind me of him and the feeling I am having right now.

I bet this is the reason I have been very emotional's because "I miss everything about him"...

I can't look at him walking down the hall to his cubicle more curi2 tengok while hanging out at a friend's cubicle. Well, I have to move on........I really wish I don't have to find a new job again...... penat la tiap2 tahun pindah......... hurm.......

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