Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I believe in no such thing as racism in Malaysia!

Hello! Thanks to my boss whom I always complaint about on this blog, he suggested that I write any "logical" input I have on daily basis. Hence, here I am posting a blog the moment I reach home, still in my office attire.

I believe all those racist issue were raised because people are just purposely trying to cause chaos. Apparently, even after they talk about it on almost daily basis, none of us are affected by it. My first example is of what had just occurred to me a couple of minutes ago. Here's the story:

I was walking towards my apartment from the car park, when I was about to cross the road, there was an Indian girl who ALMOST run over me with her bicycle (Please notice the word "almost", it didn't happen okay!). In order to avoid the accident, I just had to stop walking and let her pass through since she seemed unable to control her bike. Even though, nothing happened and no one gets hurt, she still said "Maaf", and I ended up giving her a smile without being angry at all.

Furthermore, back in my secondary school, more than half of the students in my class are non-Malays and we had no problem at all. I remembered going to the mall for a movie with them, and there was even once, we had a trip and I stayed in a room with two Indian girls and a Chinese girl. We had so much fun as if nothing divide us.

To conclude, if you were ever being annoyed with people from other race and started thinking "Typical Chinese/Indian/Malay", think back again, have you ever met people of your race that has a bad attitude as the people from the other race that you are annoyed with? I believe the answer would be YES. Then, you will realize, it's not about the race, it's all about that person itself that cannot behave properly.

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