Friday, August 23, 2013

It's all about perspective

The definition of perspective that I got out of Google is "a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view." Trust me, for common people like me, I would only think this word only applicable for some art sculpture or painting on how you look at and how you would define those art works. 

Well get this, it's applicable on your daily life too! Here's a simple example, 

A couple of days ago I was hanging out with the Human Resource personnel, suddenly, she mentioned my colleague's name and ask me to show her which one is this person. After pointing her to the right direction, then, I asked her "what's up?". Well, for a typical hr person, they would keep everything as a secret, so, she just said "Nothing". 

As a normal human being (normal I guess), I started to think that maybe my colleague is going to get a raise or she gets promoted. I can't help but feeling a little bit jealous about it. After that, I went on straight to my colleague with the "great" news (based on my perspective that she's getting a raise or's great isn't it?). Then I told her that the hr personnel is looking for her, guess what pops out of her mouth??? "Why is she looking for me?? Did I do anything wrong??" I just smiled at her and told her that it's all about perspective, the hr people might be looking for her to give something nice like a raise or a promotion, instead she went on a look on the negative part of it. 

How I would conclude the situation would be, your perspective on a certain occasion is based on which shoes are you in. In my case, I was the "jealous colleague", hence, I started to think that she's getting all the great things that I don't think I can ever get. For her on the other hand, she can't help but feeling guilty maybe due to some small mistakes she had done before. Anyhow, it's important that you need to have a correct perspective on any situation, so that you won't feel sad or stress about it later. Imagine being in my friend's shoes, she might still feels guilty and cannot stop thinking about why is that hr person looking for her. In order to have peace of mind, look everything in the positive perspective, then you can think properly if you ever stuck in a bad situation.

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