Monday, November 1, 2010

Someone please convince me that i'm straight!!!


I am pretty much sure I am straight! Why?? These are the reasons:

1. I check out cute guys (like all the time!)
2. I am having a HUGE crush on someone at this very moment
3. I had boyfriends before
4. I wear girl clothes
5. I constantly say "He is HOT" every time I watch Fahrin Ahmad on tv.
6. I flirt around a lot! (Bangla jual safety shoes pun aku boleh flirt!)

But something struck me just now!!! This is what happen:

I was stuck in a traffic jam on my way home from work. I was switching to other station since Red fm is playing WAKA WAKA (I hate this song!!). Then I decided to stop at Hot fm. While listening to it, then it happen!!

They played Nadia's- Salam Untuk Kekasih. (Watch the video below)

Then I started sing along and I almost cried!!! It's not because I remembered about any of my ex but I was thinking bout Erni Zuliana!!! The time we spent together flashes in my memory and the worst part is how we ended our days together with some stupid fight!!! Dammit!!

Then I realized, am I a lesbian??? Dammit!! I cried while listening to a sad love song over a girl friend! It's scary!!

While typing these words I remembered one more thing. I start my day at the office by giggling and texting with Timah. When Pian saw me giggling at every text message, he said that and I quote "Someone is in love this morning" NOOOOOOOO!!!!

Please...I want to be straight! Why do these things happen on the same day???


  1. kitorang je yang menyayangi ko dengan jujur ikhlas...

  2. haha! aku baru perasan komen ini!!