Sunday, November 14, 2010

What a small world!

This might be one of those gedik post and if you don't like it just don't read it! I am not forcing anyone to do so!

I just one to tell a story on how small this world we are living in.

I was driving to work last Friday and I saw a pearl coloured Toyota Camry. All my life there's only one person I know drives this car. I used to check out his car everytime I drove nearby to his car park. Wanna know why?? Because I know, deep down inside me I have a feeling for him but I can never have him due to a lot of constraints. Ever since I graduated, I have reduced one of the constraints *wink* (sesiapa yg faham tu pura2 tak faham ye).

So, when I saw that white Camry last Friday, I remembered him. I even tried my best remembering his registration number. The I said to myself "Lame dah tak nampak kereta tu". After that I resume my life the usual way without the memory of him.

The weirdest thing happen yesterday. I had a date with my BFF, Timah in Bangi. We were suppose to meet in an Ayam Percik restaurant, but since I'm new in KL, I don't know where the heck the restaurant is. Then, I was lost and ends up in some housing area in Bandar Baru Bangi. While I was looking for a proper place to make a U-turn.


I saw...

Initially I just notice the car, then I saw the registration number. It took me a while to digest the information. After refreshing my memory then I remember. IT'S HIS CAR!!!. Then I cursed a lot because how on earth that I can see that car in Bangi after thinking about it the day before?? And the owner of the car is suppose to be in Johore???@$#%$

Then for confirmation I text him and he himself was shocked on how on earth I know that he is in Bangi. The he said to me what a small world. Well yes! It is a small world!

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