Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dear Bill Rancic............

Bill and Giuliana Rancic

I was trying to have a life and stay away from Facebook. So, I ends up watching some tv. The only interesting show on tv was Giuliana and Rancic. Then, there I was with a bottle of junk food sitting on the couch all by myself watching the show.

Half way through the show I realized that Bill Rancic is just the PERFECT MAN ALIVE!!!!

He is very caring and patient! Unlike certain man I have encountered with!

Most men cannot put up with women that have to concentrate with their job and not on their men! But Bill is just different! He is pissed sometimes, but he still constantly calling Giuliana even though she didn't picks up and he still flew half way round the world just to be with her! That is just AWSOME!!!

There were time in the show where he himself is suppose to be busy traveling but he still find some time to give Giuliana a call! He never gives up even though she didn't picks up the call.

As a 24 years old single woman, I was in cloud 9 watching the show by wishing somehow I will ends up having a rich, hot, and caring husband like that, who would put up with my shit.

In conclusion thanks to E channel for giving me a target in life. "Find a good looking, caring and rich husband". This is achievable because Sazzy Falak has found one. I believe the Malaysian version of Bill Rancic would be Nazril Nash Idrus. Their job are the same and they are good looking men with celebrity wife!

Any how, by 3/4 of the show I realized that most of it is just acting and it's not a true reality tv. Hence, I changed the channel for my sister in law and go to my room and write this post.


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